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Coronavirus rates continue to decline as L.A. vaccines are used.

Los Angeles County reported 500 new coronavirus cases and 29 deaths on Saturday, health department officials announced.

Since the outbreak, 23,918 people have died from COVID-19 across LA County, with a total of 1,233,488 infected.

The news comes as LA County infection remains the lowest seen throughout the outbreak. The average daily test positive rate was 0.7% over the past week, according to county data.

About 36% of Los Angeles County residents aged 16 and over received a complete vaccine, according to the Department of Health, and 54% received at least one vaccine.

But racial inequality in vaccination remains pronounced in LA County.More than 50% of white and Asian Americans aged 1

6 and over receive at least one dose of the vaccine, but only 30% of Latinos. And black people in the same age group who have

Across California, there are over 30 million vaccinations, but the need may be lower. The latest data indicate that state vaccinations are starting to decline and experts predict that we are not on track to achieve herd immunity.

Californians, however, have less vaccination reluctance than residents of other states, federal data suggests. Only 11% of Californians said they may not be or not received the vaccine at a lower rate than in all four states: Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut and Hawaii.

“For those who mourn the loss of a family member or friend, our hearts go to you, and we wish you peace,” said Barbara Ferrer, county health director. Getting vaccinated in LA County is easier and more accessible than ever, and we encourage everyone waiting to be vaccinated to take advantage of this opportunity as quickly as possible. ”

Walk-in vaccination can be administered without appointment to anyone aged 16 and over at all LA County sites until next week.

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