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Costco’s food court has a cult following. Now they are coming back.

Costco shut down living spaces in food courts as the outbreak spread across the United States in March. It split the menu back to hot dogs and pizza for takeout only.

Signs of life began to appear in the summer when the roast chicken returned. Now the return to normal is getting steam. Costco (The cost) It has recently begun adding ice cream and smoothies back to its menu and is bringing back tables and chairs in stores with outdoor seating areas.The company is also bringing churros back to its menu and plans to return to indoor seating. Times as states loosen security restrictions on Covid-1

Costco Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti expects full returns from the food court: “God is willing. But it will take some time, ”he said in an interview on Wednesday.

The company does not share sales in the food court. But it’s one of those benefits that persuades shoppers to pay $ 60 or $ 120 for a Costco membership every year.

Over the years, food courts have gained a cult following and have become ingrained of pop culture. It is referenced on TV shows such as “Baskets” and “Modern Family”. Bloggers keep a close eye on the menu, rate their top choices, and observe any changes.

“The food court works, it’s one of the things we know better,” Galanti said.

‘Known for that hot dog’

Food court seized with the $ 1.50 hot dog-soda combo, not a gimmick at Costco.

The company sold 151 million hot dogs last year and hasn’t raised prices for more than three decades.

“I know it sounds crazy making a big deal about hot dogs. But we spent a lot of time with it, ”Costco co-founder Jim Senegal told The Seattle Times in 2009. What are you not busy with? “
Costco Connection is America's fourth largest magazine.

Costco set up a food court in a store near the entrance. In warmer areas, such as Arizona or Southern California, it is outside near the front.

“We want to catch you on the way in or out of your Costco shopping experience. You left the food court in a satisfactory manner,” Galanti told CNN Business in a 2018 interview.

Drop by the food court for shoppers to visit This extra time increases the chances of them making an unplanned purchase after eating.

And for Costco members who don’t want to spend money at the food court, there’s hope: Costco is also slowly bringing back food samples, another benefit for in-store members. Plexiglas stations have been added to some stores where employees distribute pre-packaged items such as sandwiches, chips, cookies and crackers to customers one piece at a time.

Next, Costco will bring back cooked items for example: breakfast sandwiches, noodles, and meatballs, Galanti said.

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