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Counter-Terrorist Wins: Valve Just Destroyed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s F2P Feature

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since 2018 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Players can enjoy the whole game, more or less, without paying a penny. Now it’s over as Valve just announced the end of many people. CS:GO Free Play (F2P) features in a blog post official CS:GO website.

Since its debut in 2012 CS:GO has undergone many major changes The wildest arrival when the game was completely free-to-play in 2018, players who chose to pay for “prime” status enjoyed prime matchmaking, item drops, and bonus XP, but F2P accounts. still get XP, get other rewards, play in rank And finally enter the special prime match mode. but no more

“In addition to all the gameplay that we offer for free. New players will also have access to drops, ranks, skill groups, and a free path to prime matchmaking.” Post. read. “Unfortunately, over time Those benefits have become an incentive for perpetrators to harm the experience of new and existing players. So today we are revising the offer for new players.” It remains:

New players can still play all game modes. Play on community servers However, they will no longer earn XP, ranks, drops, or skill groups. These features are only available to Prime status players.

New players can still upgrade to Prime by purchasing the Prime Status Upgrade from the Steam store. However, there is no longer a free path to Prime and if you purchase the upgrade within the next two weeks, you will be able to upgrade to Prime. Your current skill group and XP progress will be forwarded.

many CS:GO player welcome this news with relief The ranking ladder is full of cheaters. Elite players create new accounts to stomp the grieving noob intentionally throw the game and screaming trolls The end of the free path to Prime is a step towards a more rigorous review process. This will get rid of bad hopes in high-level play.

To compensate for these changes, Valve has introduced a new “Unranked” ladder, so F2P players will still have access to a skill-based matchmaking scheme. This new mode allows players to play ladder games without rank restrictions or changes. If you are a legendary Eagle Master who wants to team up with friends in Silver, this mode is for you.

However, the 128-tick server’s hopes remain a dream.

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