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Couples No Prenup, TMZ Report

  • Bill and Melinda Gates never signed a prenup, according to the divorce papers shared by TMZ.
  • The couple announced their split on Monday, with Bill Gates worth an estimated $ 146 billion.
  • The couple separated property and debt under the contract separately.
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Bill and Melinda Gates have never signed a prenuptial agreement, but they have a “separate contract” that determines how they will separate the property when they separate, TMZ reported on Monday.

The philanthropist couple announced Monday that they are divorcing after 27 years of marriage.

Bill Gates, who co-founded Microsoft and owns 1

% of the technology company, is worth an estimated $ 146 billion according to Bloomberg, placing him in the fourth place on Bloomberg’s list of the richest people in the world. Ending a divorce is probably one of the biggest divorcees ever.

TMZ shared a copy of Gateses’ divorce filing, asking if the couple had signed a premature contract, a separation contract, or a community property deal.

The couple said they had a separate contract that they wanted the court to enforce. But that doesn’t say they have a prenup.

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A prenup is a legal agreement that couples can sign before they get married. It determines what will happen to a couple’s assets if they get divorced or one of them dies, and it can also set financial expectations for the marriage.

A separation agreement or contract is a private legal document signed by a couple when they want to spend time separated and separated. It lists their rights and duties, such as child custody and child custody, and is signed without court involvement.

Sometimes a separation contract is followed by a divorce. But some couples take it as an opportunity to mend their marriages, according to the New York City Bar.

In the divorce proceedings, the couple requested real property, personal property and debt to be split under the separation agreement. Melinda Gates did not seek support for the nuptials.

The couple also said that their marriage It was “irreparably broken” and asked the court to terminate the marriage on the date specified in the separation agreement, although today it was not listed in the divorce filing that TMZ shared.

The documents, filed Monday in King County, Washington state, are listed by Melinda Gates and Bill Gates responded to the lawsuit, including a trial date of April 4, 2022.

The Gates divorce settlement may be one of the biggest ever, insider Katie Canales reported when Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie split up in 2019. They are at $ 38 billion, making MacKenzie Scott the third richest woman in the world.

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