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Courtney Love accuses Olivia Rodrigo of copying her band’s album cover.

Courtney Love called breakout star Olivia Rodrigo on social media for allegedly copying her band’s album cover.

The 56-year-old singer claims the teen’s promotional image for her album “Sour” looks similar to Hole’s 1994 album cover for “Live Through This.”

Both photos are prom-themed with the same props, such as bouquets, crowns, and messy makeup.

“See the difference! #Twins!” Love wrote on Facebook. She then called Rodrigo “rude.”

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“At Geffen I told you to wait for your flowers and notes. I hope it will be long Will Disney teach kids to read and write, God knows?” Love snarled. “Look, this is rude, provocative, baby, if I had the money for everyone. [sic] What happened? I̵

7;ll be really rich!”

Love continues: “plagiarizing and not asking permission is rude. There’s no way to be elegant about it. I’m not angry It happens to me all the time.”

The cover of Hole featured model Leilani Bishop and was photographed by Ellen von Unwerth.

“I am very considerate or say nothing. But this is a bad format,” the musician added. “That’s not bullying or throwing bombs. This person’s music has nothing to do with my life. Maybe not It is rude and I (have every right) to stand up for my work.”

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Rodrigo, unaware that love is ticked off. comment that “Love you and live through this too much.”

Love snapped back, “Olivia, it’s okay. My favorite florist is Notting Hill, London! Call me for dates! I’m looking forward to reading your notes!”

The 18-year-old Disney+ star explains her reasoning behind the theme.

“Since I’ve never been to the prom. So I wanted to throw a prom party with my favorite person. (You guys are men),” Rodrigo wrote on Instagram.

Other social media users pointed out that Hole’s cover was inspired by the 1976 movie “Carrie.”


“Wow, I didn’t know that. Courtney Love owns the rights to every photo of the prom with the FLOWERS cover. Does Carrey have to check with you and send a thank you note? If anything, put on makeup that goes well with it. But the prom How do you do that?” Whoever thought they were the first and only,” the person pointed out.

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