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Courtney Love: Olivia Rodrigo ‘rude’ for album cover resemblance

Love recently posted on her verified Instagram and Facebook accounts about Rodrigo’s promotional photo for her “Sour Prom” concert movie.

The photos show Rodrigo as a prom queen with mascara running down her face. and is reminiscent of the cover of Love’s Hole’s 1994 album “Live Through This.”

“Find the difference! #twinning,” Love wrote in the caption on Instagram.

Rodrigo responded in the comments, writing: “Love you and live through this a lot.”

On her Facebook account, Love was pretty frank in her comment over the weekend that wrote: “She was rude and (Rodrigo’s record label) Geffen didn’t have to ask herself? (cover photographer ‘Live Through This’) Ellen von unwerth”

“It’s happened throughout my career. So I (don’t care),” Love wrote, “but manners are manners!”

She also commented that she was waiting. “Her flowers” and a message from Rodrigo.

“I hope it’s long,” Love wrote in a Facebook comment. “Disney teaches kids to read and write. God knows. Let’s see.”

Rodrigo is a former Disney star. CNN has contacted her representative and Geffen Records for comment.

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