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COVID-19 cases rise in Uinta Basin, but Utah is in ‘really good spot’

On Saturday, May 15, 2021, a file photo of an empty bottle of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine sits in a box during a vaccine campaign in Ebersburg. near munich germany Health officials are trying to determine if heart inflammation that can occur along with various types of infections could be a rare side effect in adolescents and young adults after a second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. AP Photo / Matthias Schrader)

SALT LAKE CITY — The number of COVID-19 cases in Utah rose by 266 on Friday. No new deaths were reported and 37,700 vaccinations were reported, according to the Utah Department of Health.

The estimated 26,000 vaccinations reported on Friday are pending amounts that have been handled until Jan. 1

9 by one pharmacy provider. the health department said

There were approximately 5,338 COVID-19 cases in Utah as of Friday.

The average number of positive cases seven days a day was 273, according to the health department. The daily positive test rate for that period calculated with the “superior” method was 6.8%. The daily positive test rate for that period calculated with the “retest” method was 4.4%.

While there has been a slight increase in COVID-19 cases in Utah since Memorial Day weekend, the state is still doing well. infectious disease doctor Intermountain Healthcare Dr. Eddie Stenehjem said Friday during the event. Intermountain Facebook Live

“Things have been different in the past few months,” Stenehjem said. “We’re really in a really good spot.”

Memorial Day is changing the way most people treat COVID-19 in Utah, Stenehjem said. More people gather more often and fewer people wear masks.

He added that the tiny Utah spikes that are enduring now aren’t as bad as the spikes seen last winter after the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays.

Currently, 157 people with COVID-19 are hospitalized in Utah, including 57 in intensive care units. State data shows About 75% of all hospital beds in Utah intensive care units are occupied, including 78% in the state’s 16 referral hospitals, according to the Department of Health. 68%

The state received a total of 2,713,796 doses of the vaccine, up from 2,676,026 on Thursday. Utahn has a total of 1,539,181 people, or about 48% of the state’s total population. received at least one of the first vaccinations A total of 1,293,995 Utahns, or about 40.4% of the population. have been fully vaccinated

Of the Utahns age 12 and older who are currently eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, about 59.4% had at least the first vaccination, and 49.9% had been fully vaccinated, according to state data. A total of 3,178,584 doses of vaccines have been delivered to Utah since the outbreak began.

Now the covid-19 vaccine main species All have been protected, Stenehjem said, however, because other countries do not have widespread access to the vaccine as in the United States. The disease is therefore still spreading in other countries, he added. When the virus spreads throughout the population It has a chance to mutate.

“We’re going to see a steady increase around the world,” he said.

The new numbers indicate a 0.07% increase in positive cases since Thursday. Out of 2,731,915 patients tested for COVID-19 In Utah so far, 15% have tested positive. The total number of tests conducted in Utah since the outbreak began is now 4,996,139, up 7,094 since Thursday, according to the health department’s report. Of these, 3,737 people tested people who had never been tested for COVID- 19 before

Friday’s total brings Utah a total of 409,007 confirmed cases, with 17,060 total hospitalizations and 2,319 deaths from the disease. In Utah, approximately 401,350 are considered fully recovered.

Sam Khok District Public Health Office Increased COVID-19 situation reports

The TriCounty Department of Health in eastern Utah is reporting an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases over the past week.

There have been 83 new cases in the past five days in the TriCounty Department of Health, which covers Daggett, Duchesne and Uintah counties in the state’s northeast, according to a news release from the agency. which more than doubled from the previous week There were just 41 new cases in the region from May 30 to June 5.

The Department of Health states that only 27% of eligible Uthahns age 12 and older have contracted COVID-19 in TriCounty, the lowest rate among counties in the state. All 83 people who have contracted COVID-19 in the past week were not vaccinated.

“Even a small number of people who are seriously ill from COVID-19 compared to those who do well. We remind the community that It is our full responsibility to protect our family, our neighbors, our colleagues. -Our workers and our community,” said Greg Gardiner, Chief Clinical Officer at Ashley Regional Medical Center. in Vernal said in a statement

“Vaccines work. If you have not been vaccinated please reconsider Let’s build herd immunity in the safest way.”

Health Districts will offer drive-through vaccination clinics on Saturdays at Duchesne High School from 9-11 p.m., on Utah State University’s Roosevelt campus from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., and at the health department. Vernal TriCounty from 1:00 PM. – 3:00 PM.

Health districts say more outbreaks are likely to occur in the region if vaccination rates don’t improve.

“With our current low vaccination rates I expected to see an ongoing epidemic. I urge all community members waiting to be vaccinated to stop delaying and get vaccinated this week. We can put an end to this epidemic now and enjoy the summer without masks and No worries if we all work together,” said TriCounty health worker Kirk Benke.

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