New coronavirus cases jumped in Washington in the week ending Sunday, up 73% since 8,355 cases were reported.

Washington ranks among the states where the coronavirus spreads fastest individually. A USA TODAY network analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University shows that in the most recent week, the number of coronavirus cases in the United States dropped 20.4% from the previous week, with 1

40,886 reported cases. Country Last Week Across the country, five states had more cases in the latest week than the week before.

Many locations do not report data on a regular schedule because it is Memorial Day. This makes the week-to-week comparison incorrect.

inside washington The worst weekly outbreaks per person were in Lincoln, Spokane and Grays Harbor counties. The largest overall new case addition was Pierce County, with 1,721 cases; King County 1,409 lawsuits; and Spokane County, 1,299. Weekly cases increased in 32 counties from the previous week. The worst increase from last week’s pace was in Pierce, Spokane and King counties.

Kitsap County reported 191 cases and zero deaths in the latest week. a week before There have been 130 cases reported and zero deaths. throughout the pandemic There are 8,445 cases, 112 deaths.

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Washington ranks 13th among states with the share of people who have been vaccinated at least once, with 56.5 percent of residents receiving at least partial vaccination. The national rate is 50.5%, an analysis of USA TODAY’s CDC data shows the Pfizer Vaccine and the Moderna Vaccine. which is most commonly used in the United States Two doses are required, divided a few weeks apart.

In the week ending this Sunday Washington reported 354,301 additional doses, including the first 154,871 doses. The previous week, the state provided 448,279 doses, including the first 199,072 doses. Overall, Washington reported 7,615,957 doses.

Across Washington, the number of infections dropped in five counties. The largest decline was in Callum, Wagiacum and Franklin counties.

in washington 63 deaths from COVID-19 in the week ending on Sunday in the previous week 80 deaths were reported.

Johns Hopkins University data shows that 435,849 people in Washington have tested positive for the coronavirus since the pandemic began. and 5,765 deaths from the disease. In the United States, 33,258,623 people tested positive. and 594,430 deaths.

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