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COVID-19 cases up 14.7% in California


The number of new coronavirus cases jumped in California in the week ending Sunday, up 14.7 percent, with 7,493 reported cases. Last week there were 6,530 new cases that caused COVID-19.

California ranks 27th among the states with the fastest spreading coronavirus in individuals. An analysis of the USA TODAY network based on data from Johns Hopkins University shows that in the latest week, coronavirus cases in the United States rose 4% from the previous week, with 83,096 reported cases. 9.02% of the country last week Across the country, 23 states had more cases in the last week than they did the week before.

within california The worst weekly outbreaks per person were in the Sierra, Modoc and Imperial counties. The largest overall new patient addition was Los Angeles County, with 1,686; San Diego County 609 lawsuits; and Sacramento County, with 541. Weekly cases increased in 31 counties from the previous week. The worst increase from last week’s speed was in the Alameda, San Mateo and Contra Costa counties.

Shasta County reported five cases and two deaths in the latest week. a week before 50 cases and 2 deaths have been reported throughout the pandemic. There have been 12,635 cases, 235 deaths.

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Tehama County reported 19 cases and zero deaths in the latest week. a week before There have been 15 reported cases and zero deaths. throughout the pandemic There have been 5,750 cases and 63 deaths.

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California ranks 12th among the states with the share of people who have been vaccinated at least once, with 61% of its residents receiving at least partial vaccination. The national rate is 54%, an analysis of USA TODAY’s CDC data shows the Pfizer Vaccine and the Moderna Vaccine. which is most commonly used in the United States Two doses are required, divided a few weeks apart.

In the week that ends on Sunday California reported another 833,443 doses, including the first 367,852 doses. The previous week, the state gave 1,076,492 doses, 440,971 the first. Overall, California reported 42,312,077 doses.

throughout the state of California The number of cases declined in 24 counties, with the largest declines in San Joaquin, Riverside and Butte counties.

in california 254 deaths from COVID-19 were reported in the week ending Sunday. in the previous week 142 deaths were reported.

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Johns Hopkins University data shows that 3,815,751 people in California have tested positive for coronavirus since the pandemic started. and 63,589 deaths. In the United States, 33,624,983 were detected and 603,966 died.

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