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Covid-19 Contact Tracers compete with Delta Variant in USA

Andrea Valencia is furiously working on the phone after a long, dark day in January. by running a race to reach people around Richmond City Virginia who tested positive for COVID-19

Up to 500 new cases are reported daily in the area. She and her colleagues at the local health department had just a few minutes to spend on each. If they can reach that person at all. They don’t have time to help people isolate or quarantine or make sure they do.

The 35-year-old public health researcher said that now There are only 10 or more new infections each day. The team aims to stop the virus in its own way. She called everyone who had reported positive cases. including their close ones and ask them to be separated or quarantined. She also provides assistance.


7;s a big deal, to be honest, sometimes we can make multiple calls in a week with one person,” Ms Valencia said. “We will get through it with them.”

As the epidemic in the United States slows, the health agency said. Finally, the original goal of contact tracing was achieved: halting new outbreaks.

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