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COVID-19 vaccine images begin in Disneyland parking lot, Orange County’s first super site.

Cars and socially distant crowds gather in Disneyland’s Toy Story parking lot on Wednesday, Jan. 13 as hundreds queue for the coronavirus vaccine at Auré’s first mass vaccination facility. It is a milestone towards the county leaders’ new goal of delivering 1.5 million shots per month.

The opening of the unselected site marks a new chapter in Orange County’s fight against the coronavirus in people 65 and older, especially those with health conditions that may put them at risk of cattle infection. The more bad Vid-19 can be vaccinated against disease. At the start of the broader next phase of the county’s vaccination campaign, known as “Operation Independence,” frontline health workers were also vaccinated.

The Super POD (Distribution Point) site in Anaheim off Katella Avenue and five of its expressways is the first of four planned to set up around Orange County in the coming weeks, just one part of the A major push by public and private officials Health care providers to immunize enough Orange County residents to begin removing prison exit rules and returning to certain conditions by July 4.

“The end of COVID-19 is drawing near,” said Dr. Clay Tanchao, OC health care agency director and district health worker, with a long white tent and a long masked person waiting. Get vaccinated

While Orange County increases its stock of the vaccine. The limited Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Super POD structure will allow for easy scalability to meet demand, Chau said.

While the authorities are aware of the growing need for vaccines. But there will be a limited appointment period to begin through the county’s Othena.com, a phone app, and the county-developed website dating system in conjunction with CuraPatient.

Officials have tried to make it clear that the county’s campaign is not the only option for vaccination and recommend that eligible residents now they can contact their own doctors and healthcare providers.

“I want to be clear, because there is a lot of confusion that the county is not the only health agency that can provide vaccines. In fact, 80% of the vaccine supply (by state) is provided directly to different health care systems, ”said Andrew Do, chairman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

Chau said that healthcare authorities recently sent a letter to a private health network that “Accredited” reminds them that the county is ready to advance to the age of 65 and “encourages them to follow us”.

The new leg in the competition in visual manipulation was not confusing as many healthcare professionals and seniors who said they should be able to make appointments, either using the county’s new Othena system or through their doctor’s office. He himself reported a problem that he did so. Long lines were seen at an existing small distribution site.

The move is just a step into second gear, district leaders and health officials said on Wednesday, urging residents to forgive the hiccups while outlining an ambitious goal in the coming months. Page to achieve the finish line on independence day

“We have plans, facilities, employees and a willingness to vaccinate at least 1.5 million vaccinations a month,” said fourth district chief Doug Chaffee, who urged elected President Joe Biden to send Orange County 4 million shots. To meet The ultimate goal of vaccinating 2 million people using both doses – estimated to be more than a million deficient in county populations – to consider vaccination hesitation and other obstacles.

People were told not to visit Disneyland or any other vaccination site without an appointment. Officials said people without appointments were turned away and it was just a system slowdown.

“Until we get more vaccines, I will ask for your patience and allow older people with chronic health conditions a chance to get vaccinated first,” Chau said.

Deanne Thompson, a spokeswoman for the county’s vaccination team, said of the 60,000 people registered through Othena on Tuesday night, 10,000 appointments were made for Anaheim’s website opening window Wednesday through Friday. The goal this week is 3,000 dosing per day, she said.

“Many people were six times as disappointed with their appointment. That’s not because the system doesn’t work. It’s because there’s no vaccine, ”Thompson said.

“As soon as the vaccine supply is filled, an additional appointment window (will) open,” said Thompson. “The entire structure is supply dependent. We know what we’re doing, we just need a vaccine.

In addition to contract work for four other Super POD sites, district officials are planning smaller “mobile” PODs for their popular neighborhoods.

The county’s ultimate goal is 7,500 to 8,000 vaccinations per day per site.Super POD Chau said the five sites combined will administer 40,000 doses.

Orange County and its internally operated health networks have allocated 170,000 doses, Chau said during a news conference on Wednesday.

The health care agency itself had 42,000 on hand, about half of which arrived Monday, he said. The agency expects another 35,000 vaccines will be delivered next week.

All care providers in Orange County so far have provided about 56,000 vaccines, according to the latest Health Care Agency figures that ended Friday, Jan. 8.

Public health officials at the local, state and federal levels in recent days have decided to begin the next phase of the national vaccine rollout as a group of those at the forefront of healthcare wants the vaccine to start dry for a while. At the elderly at More hospitalizations are likely to be required, with the coronavirus still straining the health system amid the biggest outbreak of the pandemic.

On Wednesday, Disneyland’s car park was the theme park’s main attraction, shutting down as scheduled visitors drive through the parking gates, walk to the check-in station, and wait in line. Once vaccinated, they are taken to a recovery tent and observed where they are monitored by medical staff for allergic reactions and other adverse effects.

The process averages about half an hour. Someone waited in the car until called.

A large scale operation like this can take months of planning. But county officials, Disney and Anaheim fire fighters put the project in place within days.

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