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Cracks in the GOP on display as Liz Cheney faces criticism.

Last week, Cheney opened the door to his 2024 presidential run and destroyed his Senate colleagues who supported efforts to challenge the Jan. 6 election results. Cheney also faced criticism after leaning in to greet. President Joe Biden as he does. Walked down the aisle in his speech at a joint meeting of Congress on Wednesday.
Cheney defended the decision on Twitter, saying, “I strongly disagree with @JoeBiden’s policy, but when the president reaches out to me in the US House of Representatives, I will respond in a respectful and dignified way. Always us It̵
7;s different political parties, we’re not enemies, we’re Americans. “
But despite pressure from the Washington parties and the main challengers lining up to get her in Wyoming. But Cheney doesn’t seem interested in taking a step back from her point of view, with one alliance saying congressmen strongly believe what happened on Jan. 6 destroys democracy and its future. Republican Party
Cheney, who openly disagrees with many of her political parties about the role Trump played in the 1/6 rebellion and who voted for his impeachment, is facing further increasing pressure. The time after House GOP boss Kevin McCarthy was asked last week if Cheney was still there. Suitable for leadership He refused to endorse her, instead saying Cheney’s future would be dictated by the Caucus.
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In an interview with CNN, two Republican lawmakers told CNN that Cheney’s comments this week reopened old wounds at the GOP meeting, forcing members to reconsider her best fit as the leader of the GOP. Are they? As CNN previously reported, there is little indication of dissatisfaction. The party was more interested in continuing than trying to oust Cheney. But members who spoke to CNN on the condition of backgrounds to speak freely about the tensions said they felt Cheney had not spoken at the meeting.

“It’s like ‘Hey, if you want the position, there’s some responsibility that comes with it,’ ‘one GOP lawmaker told CNN. “It’s been a tough time for elephants, so this is a pretty intrinsic complication. Frankly, it is not helpful in any way, shape or form. “

The person added that “You only have two letters and it’s just ME or US.”

For the most part, Cheney’s comments this week were motivated by interviews and questions she received about the Jan. 6 incident and how McCarthy, a California Republican, overlooked Trump’s role. In the past But her comments have revealed yet another tension within the GOP that is unlikely to fade as Cheney will not step aside from her view that for Republicans to be successful in 2024 must go a long way. Than Trump

Another GOP lawmaker told CNN this time his displeasure was even clearer.

“It is more real and more prevalent than that. It was her own work, ”the lawmaker said.“ As of now, her vote and everything about her speech and actions has no effect. ”

In February, Cheney overwhelmingly maintained her leadership position in a secret 145-61 vote – but a GOP on the Hill source told CNN there was irritation and impatience that she continued to publicly attack members of the party and Still going on-headed with McCarthy
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Some at the House Freedom Caucus, who continued to support Trump and lead efforts against Cheney back in February, viewed Cheney’s latest action as a sign that they had the right to question her role in Leadership However, her open anger towards Trump and his role in the uprising echoed the stance of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – that the party needed to move on from the Trump era. Hopefully they will receive an award in both the House and / or the Senate next year.

One issue faced with leadership was who would replace her in the third place.

Several sources told CNN that GOP leaders felt like they couldn’t replace her with a man. One person the source said could fill the role was New York Rep. Elis Stefanick. But she is likely reluctant to step up as she is reportedly considering a run to challenge New York Democratic Government Andrew Cuomo.

While there are no plans to attempt to oust Cheney from her leadership position in Washington. But Cheney is facing a backlash in Wyoming, with the former president who won her state last year with nearly 70% of the vote, the most in every state in the country.

After Cheney voted to impeach Trump, saying he “summoned” to “gather” and “set the fire of this attack”, the Republican Party of Wyoming blamed her and said it was “rejected”. “There was no moment during our tenure when we had Seeing this kind of outcry from our Republican peers, “State Senator Anthony Bouchard and State Representative Chuck Gray have launched a campaign against her and Trump’s political action.” Conducted a survey claiming that voting for lawsuits hurt her popularity in the state.

But Cheney, who won re-election in 2020 by 69 percent of the vote, still has a large following in the state and raised $ 1.5 million in the first three months of the year.

Wyoming GOP Representative Landon Brown predicted that Bouchard and Gray would “It ends up sharing votes between Republicans” and Cheney will receive at least 40% of the vote.

“There’s too much trust in these two – she’s an amazing leader and ambassador for our state,” Brown said.

Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr. have warned about the potential outcome. In March, Trump Jr. pushed Wyoming to pass a bill to create an election stream that could force Cheney to compete with other Trump-backed candidates. But the bill died in the state Senate after a narrow 14-15 vote.

The former president then said in mid-April that he would endorse her 2022 applicants “very soon”, claiming that “the only way she can win is with a large number of candidates running against her and dividing the votes”.

“A lot of people want to fight Crazy Liz Cheney – but we only want one,” Trump said.

This story was updated with further developments on Friday.

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