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Crew evacuated as Dutch cargo ship risks sinking outside Norway

HELSINKI (AP) – A Dutch unmanned cargo ship could be in danger of collapsing in the heavy seas off the coast of Norway after a crew evacuated after suffering from the ship.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration said Tuesday they had sent a coast guard ship to investigate the situation along with the Eemslift Hendrika, listed and drifted without a motor in the Norwegian sea, 130 kilometers (80 miles) from Alesund.

Video from the scene It shows how the Norwegian Rescue Coordination Center evacuated the ship̵

7;s 12 crew members by helicopter after they jumped into the sea. The ship left for assistance late on Monday.

Maritime officials say their focus now is on figuring out how to stabilize the ship so it doesn’t sink while trying to make sure the ship doesn’t crash into shore. A surveillance plane is patrolling the area.

“We are optimistic people. But at the same time there are waves of 15 meters (49 feet) high and strong winds, extreme weather conditions, and the safety of personnel always comes first. ”Emergency Director Hannes-Petter Mortensholm from Norwegian Coastal Administration Speak to VG newspaper

Norwegian public broadcaster NRK said the boat lost power in its main engine on Monday night. If the ship sank, the Norwegian authorities were concerned that diesel and fuel oil could leak from the tank.

Eemslift Hendrika is registered in the Netherlands, built in 2015, the cargo was not immediately known.

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