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Crew ‘shrinking’ Summer Wells search | WJHL

HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) — A revelation from Incident Commander Tim Coup says the team is “removing the trap.” “Scaling down search operations” for Summer Wells, a 5-year-old from Hawkins County who has been missing since June 15.

The coup said search efforts would continue on the basis of more specialized teams as needed and directed by local authorities. state and federal

He also said the search teams were physically and mentally exhausted from the rough terrain and extreme conditions.

The search will reportedly pull resources from central and western Tennessee and other states to bring “fresh eyes and a rested body.”

; Officials said they would remain reliant on local and regional resources as well.

“Just because we might not be able to see the big gifts in and around the area. Rest assured we have not quit and will not quit until we meet Summer Wells,” Coup said in a press release.

The release also includes the following information about the search:

  • The search used more than 120 agencies from Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina.
  • As of June 15, 1,150 searches covered the area.
  • Records over 13,800 search hours hours
  • Fixed-wing TBI flew 21.2 hours.
  • The THP helicopter recorded a flight of 30 hours.
  • Many specialized search and rescue groups include (but not limited to): TN Task Force 2, BUSAR, Appalachian Mountain Rescue, Black Diamond, SCSAR, Central Carolina SAR, Great Smokey Mountain National Park, RATSAR, Search and Rescue Tracking Institute, and more, Team K-9.
  • until now 4.6 square miles (more than 3,000 acres) have been searched since the summer disappeared.
Summer Wells (Image: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation)

If anyone has information about Summer’s disappearance, call 1-800-TBI-FIND.

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