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Critics were crowded. ‘Silent anger’ at Netanyahu’s house after panicking

Dozens of angry Israelites held silent protests and wary of victims as Mount Meron panicked in front of the prime minister’s home on Saturday night.

45 deaths and 150 injuries resulting from pilgrims’ interest at religious festivals are considered. “A national tragedy calls for personal hearing,” said the protester.

“Government corruption is destroying human lives,” they said.

About 100,000 people were at the festival and critics said the unlimited attendance reflected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bowed to the Special Orthodox political party.

The groups have called for a national commission of inquiry to investigate the authorities who organized the event, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Several reports in the Israeli media said the government took the approach to planning the festival, choosing not to restrict crowds, it was the largest in Israel as the country̵

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Netanyahu vowed during a visit to Israel’s worst peacetime disaster site that the investigation would be “comprehensive, serious and detailed,” the Times of Israel reported, but the paper said he expected to oppose the Commission of Israel. nation

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