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Cuomo ‘had to quit,’ said Andrea Stewart-Cousins. Senate Leader of the State of New York

“New York is still in the midst of this epidemic and faces social, health and economic consequences,” Stewart-Cousins ​​said. It was written in a statement, “We need to be in control without getting distracted every day. For the good of the Governor of Cuomo had to resign. “

Shortly after the statement of Stewart-Cousins Published, Heastie proclaimed that he “shared his feelings”.

“We have a lot of challenges to deal with, and I think it̵

7;s time for the governor to seriously consider whether he can meet the needs of the people of New York effectively,” Hastie said.

Cuomo’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Post on the latest call for resignation.

Lawmakers and members of the media reacted to the allegations against New York Government Andrew M.Cuomo (D) on March 7 (Allie Caren / The Washington Post)

The lawmakers ‘remarks came hours after Cuomo challenged reporters that he had no plans to step down, rejecting former officials’ claims.

Karen Hinton, Cuomo’s former press secretary during his stay at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, told The Post she was called to a hotel room in 2000 after a job at Cuomo. It was accused of hugging her during an uncomfortable time.

When asked if she viewed the encounter as a threat, Hinton did not explicitly describe it, but said there was “dynamic energy” in the play, even though she was a mentor at the time, not an employee. It’s the same for me, ”she said, adding that she was concerned about“ personal and professional problems that could arise. ”She described Cuomo’s movement as a“ power play ”for“ management and control ”.

Letitia James (D), New York Attorney General, is investigating the claims against Cuomo. There is also a federal investigation into the handling of Cuomo’s nursing home deaths.

On Sunday, Cuomo said he wanted to await the conclusion of the attorney general’s investigation, saying stepping down without proper procedures would be “ a step down ”. He also denied accusations made by Hinton and Ana Liss, who worked in Cuomo’s executive room between 2013 and 2015, he said other state lawmakers calling for resignation or impeachment were strong. Political motivation

“There’s no way I’m going to resign,” he said. “Let’s do the Attorney General’s investigation, come to a conclusion and we’ll go from there.”

In response to Cuomo’s comment, Hinton said: “ The truth is the ‘long enemy’ that Cuomo fears the most. ‘

Former President Donald Trump “may have left, but Cuomo has stepped in his shoes by blaming those who have been abused for his own indecent behavior,” she said.

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