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Cuomo warns those who are not vaccinated can kill Grandpa.

Gov. Andrew Kumo warned New Yorkers on Monday that if they were not vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, they could kill a grandmother with a kiss.

During a news conference on Monday, Cuomo, who has faced a nursing home scandal and repeated allegations of sexual harassment – said the state was targeting “youth” and “suspected” to get the COVID vaccine. -19

Cuomo said there was an “attitude” among unvaccinated people who believed it “would be fine” and warned that unvaccinated people could have “consequences” of COVID-19.

The governor then turned around when he warned New Yorkers that visiting his grandmother before getting vaccinated could kill them.


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“Or maybe you can go home to kiss your grandma and stop killing your grandma,” said Cuomo, who initially planned to spend his last Thanksgiving with two daughters and his mother.

Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean highlighted Cuomo’s comments in a statement on Monday, saying the governor had “nerves” arising after unvaccinated people visited elderly relatives amid the scandal. In a nursing home

NY DEM SAY CUOMO NURSING HOME SCANDAL is an incapable offense as the government blames Trump for the vaccine.

“He’s got some nerves to humiliate others because it could harm their grandparents,” said Dean. “More than 15,000 seniors are no longer with us, thanks in part to his serious policy in Getting an infected patient back into a nursing home if anyone knows how to kill a grandmother is Andrew Cuomo. “

Dean became a outspoken critic of the governor’s nursing home policy after both her parents died of coronavirus in a nursing home in New York.

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Cuomo has been hit by both sides over conflicting nursing home policies, with his administration disclosing earlier this year that the death toll from COVID-19 in nursing homes has been low.

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