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Cyberpunk FPS Turbo Overkill gives you a killing leg.

Even if you’re feeling tired of the Cyberpunk aesthetic with neon lights in your video games. But you have to make newcomers Turbo Overkill Credit for major combat innovation: There is a saw leg in Trigger Happy Interactive’s fast-paced first-person shooter, your leg can be transformed into a chainsaw. vanquish– Style of scrolling with energy and you have what it looks like fun. Doom– An inspired shooter on your radar.

Turbo Overkill It looks like a cybernetics murder ballet in the opening gameplay trailer. Players, as a violent killing machine tasked with cleaning up the streets of Neo-paradise, can run on walls, double jumps, air dash and slide saw. They can also shoot a lot of guns.

The game proudly wears its visual and gaming influence (OutRun, Steam, Duke Nukemand quake) On the sleeve and on the Steam page, where the developers also promise to feature

Trigger Happy Interactive Turbo Overkill Scheduled for release on PC “coming soon”


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