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Czechs prepare to open restaurants and bars to receive some foreign tourists.

A clock showing noon time is pictured on an almost empty street building at Old Town Square during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Prague, Czech Republic March 31, 2020. REUTERS/David W Cerny/File Photo

Czech restaurants, bars and nightclubs will be able to serve customers inside the building from Monday, Health Minister Adam Vojtec said, announcing the easing of COVID-1

9 control measures. faster than planned according to the verdict

The Czech Republic will accept tourists from some European and foreign countries infected with COVID-19. at least for the first time with effect on Tuesday

The Czech government, which is fighting the second wave of the world’s pandemic. It has planned to open the indoor facility from mid-June.

But last week The Supreme Administrative Court ruled that comprehensive restaurant restrictions were illegal. by taking action on customer complaints

“I am very dissatisfied that we have to make such drastic relief for a while. If not for the verdict of the court I would suggest using it on June 14 (there are plans to reopen),” Vojtech told television news. Friday meeting.

The restaurant has been allowed to serve customers outdoors from May 17. also opened

From Monday, swimming pools, saunas and casinos will be allowed to reopen. As the number of shows and sporting events allowed will increase.

for restaurant Self-test for COVID-19 will be sufficient, while all other places are allowed to reopen. People will need to be tested professionally, Vojtech said.

on this tuesday The country will allow immunized tourists from Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Austria and Germany, as well as Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand. The foreign ministry said Croatia should also join the list. But the deal is not yet complete.

on friday morning The number of reported 7-day cases per 100,000 cases dropped to 34 earlier this year. The Czech Republic has one of the highest rates of infections and deaths per capita in the world in the Czech Republic.

The daily number of vaccinations is estimated at 100,000. A country of 10.7 million people has distributed a total of 5 million doses of the vaccine so far. And now 1.37 million people have received two doses of the vaccine.

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