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Damascus: Israeli air strikes kill one target in northern Syria.

Israeli planes were reportedly carrying out air strikes in northern Syria early Wednesday.Syrian state media said one person was killed and six wounded in the first alleged attack since the attack last month. And then, which saw a faulty Syrian anti-aircraft missile exploding in the Negev desert.

Syrian state media SANA reported that Syrian air defense forces fired an Israeli missile near Syria’s northern port city of Latakia and Hama in the west. State TV said one person was killed and six wounded. The report said the injured were civilians.

Videos posted to social media showed massive fires and loud explosions at the scene.

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SANA said that this site is a plastic factory. It was reported that Israel had previously bombed sites connected to Iranian missile-producing sites and arsenals in the Latakia and Hama areas.

Israeli Defense Forces declined to comment on the late-night attacks, in line with a policy of not confirming or denying operations in Syria to save lives of those who have been retaliated from the country’s attacks.

The IDF has launched hundreds of strikes in Syria since the start of the 2011 civil war against Iran’s movement to establish a permanent military in the country and game-changing advanced weapons transportation efforts to regional militants. Especially Hizballah.

The strike was the first reported since April 22, when a Syrian surface-to-air missile landed near the Daimona nuclear reactor.

Israeli Defense Forces said the sirens were not sent off by attacking targets within Israel. But it was a faulty Syrian anti-aircraft missile that fired at Israeli jets during the IAF airstrikes against a target in the Syrian Golan Heights.

IDF forces launched an intercept missile at the incoming projectile to try to shoot it down, apparently with no success.

Parts of Syria’s surface-to-air missile landed in open-air areas of southern Israel’s Ramat Negev region, local officials said in a message to residents, with some reportedly hitting the Daimo reactor. Field about 30 kilometers

In response to surface-to-air missiles, Israeli jets carried out a second round of air strikes in Syria, dropping battery bombs that fired the missiles, as well as other air defense systems, the IDF said.

Syrian state media said four soldiers were wounded in an Israeli attack and had suffered material damage.

The incident comes amid the highest tensions between Israel and Iran following the widespread attack on Iran’s Natanz nuclear site earlier this month caused by the Jewish state. Iran has vowed to respond to the alleged sabotage of Israel.

A fragment of a Syrian SA-5 missile fired at Israel, which fell into a pool in the Ashalim community in northern Negev on April 22, 2021. (Courtesy)

IDF spokesman Hidai Zilberman stressed that the military did not believe this was a deliberate attack on its country or its nuclear plant.

“There is no intention of colliding a nuclear reactor in Dimona,” Zilberman told reporters.

According to Zilberman, the projectile appears to be a Russian-made SA-5 surface-to-air missile, a particularly large projectile, weighing thousands of kilograms with a warhead of 200 kilograms.

Residents of Jerusalem and central Israel reported feeling a resounding explosion. It was not immediately clear whether it was due to the impact of the Syrian missile or from the failed interception attempt.

Although not common But Syria’s surface-to-air missiles fired at former Israeli fighter jets caused damage and sounded sirens as they landed.

In 2019, an SA-5 missile fired at an Israeli aircraft landed in northern Cyprus, causing a massive explosion and fire in a village there.

In 2017, two SA-5 missiles fired at Israeli jets landed in eastern Israel, while the third landed unscathed or damaged in Jordan. In that incident, the IDF fired an Arrow 2 interceptor at the incoming projectile in what was the first use of the system.

Judah Ari Gross contributed to this report.

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