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Dane County Child Care Center Affected by Coronavirus Outbreak | Local News

Thirty-five people linked to one Dane County Childcare Center tested positive for coronavirus, including a more infectious variant, Madison and the county’s health department said Monday, highlighting the need for vaccinations and Ongoing testing

Madison and Dane County Public Health reported that 21 children and the center’s workers were tested positive, along with 14 child family members or workers.The agency did not name the childcare center or the municipality where it was located. Or how many students and staff there are

“We know this strain is more infectious and that younger children are unable to be vaccinated, so this is an important reminder that we all need to continue to exercise caution,”

; said Janel Heinrich, director. Public Health said in a statement, “Get tested if you are showing symptoms, have your children tested if they are showing symptoms, and get vaccinated as soon as possible. The vaccine is highly effective against severe disease and death from COVID-19, even though it is the most prevalent strain. ”

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The least responsible variant of zero infection is variant B117, first identified in the UK.

Most of the children involved in the outbreak had mild symptoms, health officials said.Common symptoms of COVID-19 in children include fever, cough, fatigue, headache, muscle pain and nasal congestion. The agency urged parents not to mistake the condition for seasonal allergies, but that their children were tested and screened for COVID-19 first. Household cases should also be tested.

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