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Clue: Theory Actress The “Big Bang Theory” and neuroscientists are about to “bloom” as the next “dangerous!” guest host.

The answer is, who is Mayim Bialik?

Of course! Fox’s new comedy star “Call Me Kat” kicked off a two-week show at the quiz show’s podium on Monday. She taped all 10 episodes in just two days and is still very “in love” with her time on set. By describing the experience “Unbelievable!” The witty game show fanatic especially liked “Danger!” for its “brain curvature and the many other informative shows”.

Bialik, 45, followed “Danger!” GOAT Ken Jennings, NFL star Aaron Rodgers and journalists Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper and Bill Whitaker co-anchor Savannah Guthrie were on June 14.

Bialik, though, doesn’t remember meeting host Alex Trebek, who died last November after a battle with pancreatic cancer. But she did recall his appearance on “Blossom,” an NBC sitcom in the 1990s. Bialik spoke to USA TODAY last week about Trebek’s appearance on set, which was the biggest challenge he faced. She faced as the host and her idea of ​​accepting this job permanently.

(This interview has been edited for length and clarity.)

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Question: As a fan of the show? Do you play together at home?

Mayim Bialik: Many people think that I am naturally good at “dangerous!” And I have to play at home and always win. But the kind of knowledge and information needed to become a “Dangerous!” tier champion is very specific. And I have a particularity in neuroscience and in being a sitcom actor. But this is a different kind of fan.

Q: And when there is an opportunity to host? How did you react?

Bialik: Oh, I’ve lost my mind And still really mad This is one of the most outstanding things I can be a part of in my life. from all the things I do All the shows I do All the support I’ve ever done and all my academic work This is the most understandable globally. And it’s incredible to be a part of it. it’s unbelievable

Q: It sounds like you jumped at the opportunity to host.

Bialik: i am very grateful There are a few hurdles in terms of scheduling and covid. Part of our industry was shut down after Thanksgiving. And I was so nervous to lose my slotted date. Doing so also realized how important and important it was after Alex’s passing (and) really honoring the brand. And this show is very important to me.

That was before I got there. And my experience of actually shooting it has been very pleasing. And I don’t know how to describe it other than to say I really feel at home. feel that this is my person transaction method Our understanding of the content and methods of operation in this list I can really feel the naturalness. And it was awesome. I cried. I cried after being there for two days. I don’t want to leave

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Q: Were you nervous on the first day?

Bialik: I’m so scared (laughs). Not that you can try on Alex’s shoes. Everyone has energy in that arena. You can still feel him there. And I think I just want to be on that podium with humility and humility.

Every episode is going fast. And your job as a moderator won’t be a mess. It means don’t read the clue and read it again if you stumble. It is a very specific and well oiled machine. I feel nervous all the time But it was a nervous excitement. And when I got the rhythm It just felt more natural. And I felt like I could ad-lib a little more, but (I) got coached through things. What Alex does is that we want to protect and minimize annoyance.

Q: What are the things they want to protect that Alex does?

Bialik: Alex is about the economics of words. This means you don’t have to have a full conversation every time someone gets something right or wrong. and partly respecting the timing of the show There are many clues to pass (61) and you don’t have time to act cute. You don’t have much time to advertise. Finding as few words as possible to communicate where we are on the list and what’s going on. That’s what I’m really trying to practice.

Q: What is the most challenging part of hosting?

Bialik: Reading words in a language I don’t speak There are many clues about things in history that I don’t know. I don’t know how to pronounce Africa’s lakes out of my head. Alex speaks French. It’s a language I don’t speak. But there are many clues in French. And I pronounce it like a truck driver. So had to record a lot of repetitions.

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Q: Would you like to be considered a permanent replacement?

Bialik: There is no answer that excludes yes! Listen, I’m on social media. I see what happened I would say that for me personally and academically. This is a really lovely place. which I feel very comfortable And I really feel honored. to be a part of it in every way But it’s obviously very troubling that if someone thinks I can stand it. This is a dream job

Q: Do you have a favorite thing about Alex Trebek’s hosting style, or is there something that you’re missing?

Bialik: There’s a reason for his success and the longevity that he did. He’s the perfect combination of power, host, and friend, and from what I’ve heard. He is incredibly kind and sweet.

Q: And you have chosen the National Alliance on Mental Illness as your charity. (Donations that match the winnings accumulated during the guest stars will go to the organization of their choice.) Why did you choose that charity?

Bialik: I used to be involved with that charity as a customer as usual. They support not only but only for people with mental illness But also their families to provide support to help people understand that a family member is struggling or being hospitalized or suffering from a mental illness. And I started doing a mental health podcast, actually about COVID. (Detailed by Mayim Bialik) And that’s where most of my time and energy (directed) has always been helping to promote organizations like NAMI that support it.

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