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Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract did not end in September.

We know Daniel Bryan’s contract is coming to an end soon, because the man himself has spoken a lot and he has made some big decisions about his future. In the process of promoting the International Championship with Roman Reigns on Friday Night SmackDown Last week, however, he clarified that his contract did not end in September as it happened:

From TVLine:

It’s funny how people turn their attention to “September” and I think that’s because it was when my last contract ended. But it did not end in September[[[[Note: Brian was depressed about the time his contract actually ended..]I̵

7;m still trying to figure out what it will be like… I have a tag team in the tournament. SmackDown Last Friday it was fun. But my neck is so dormant. founderI will turn 40 in May and my daughter loves to get the leaves from the Japanese maple in front of our house[[[[And he couldn’t do it this time because of the pain.]. You got to that point, how long can I do this and still be able to do those things with my daughter? What is the right balance between a part-time job and that? It could be that it was just every single time when stimulation occurred, or it could be a schedule like eight months this month.

He’s been talking for a while about wrestling becoming less and less the focus of his life, at least we know September isn’t a month to wait for possible answers. Next

Of course, Brian lost a match in that reign and is now banished. SmackDownA brand he has been a special brand for many years. How to play after Con-Chair-To, it looks like WWE will be giving Brian some time in the near future rather than just changing the brand. But there is nothing official in that regard.

Hey, maybe they’ll let him wrestle in Mexico the way he wants.

Stay tuned.

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