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Darnell Mooney: I smile midway from Justin Fields’ deep ball.


Bears head coach Matt Nagy wasn’t the only one excited about Justin Fields’ performance at the OTAs on Wednesday.

Sophomore Darnell Mooney was impressed with how the rookie defender allowed it to tear. It’s a compliment to his ability to play deep.

“I got a deep ball or two from him,”

; Mooney told NBCSportsChicago.com’s Stephanie Stremplewski. “The first person he threw at me. I was smiling midway because I saw the ball in the air and put it where it was. He uses the ball very accurately. And he understands where he wants the ball.”

It’s June Therefore, the player will not be in the pad. And the defender will not face a live stream, but Mooney still praises Fields’ arms and skill.

“It’s a beautiful ball,” Mooney said. “Sometimes it can go there with the right ball. But he wants it in front of you. And he would be annoyed with himself if it wasn’t there. He was very strict with himself. He’s a great player. He’s a great person too. And he will have a good career.”

Mooney finished second in the Bears in receptions and yards as a 2020 rookie with 61 passes for 631 yards with four TDs. If his chemistry with Fields continues to kick off, Mooney’s production will see that jump. Crucial whenever Fields beat Andy Dalton to become Chicago’s QB1.

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