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Days Gone Mod makes hordes of zombies laughably large.

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screenshot: Aigmir / Sony

It was only a matter of time until lost daysThe newfound PC audience is starting to draw the depths and turn them into something abominable. And today it has arrived. The new freaker mod (aka zombie) comes in huge numbers to the point that it basically wipes out your entire screen.

Modder Aigmir has created “Big Herd” mod because they click to lost daysNexus Mod’s page is looking for mods like this, but they don’t, so just like any good mod. They decided how to learn the ins and outs of an entirely new game to create it, which took “several hours” of the mod’s description.

It basically does what it says on the tin: where a typical zombie horde can range from 25 to 500 (mostly at the lower end of that scale), the “Massive Hordes” increases the ante with a range of 280 to 600, say another. on the one hand Whenever you meet a crowd It was terrifyingly large.

That said, Aigmir doesn’t want to ruin the game. They just want to make it more challenging. So they made sure that the specific legion maintains a proportional scale relative to the vanilla version of lost days. For example, when a mod is installed The Cascade region at the beginning of the game has 280 zombies, and you won’t start entering 600 regions until you reach the Crater Lake region late in the game. Hairless people are so mad that you think you are on incel forums.

To run the mod, Aigmir recommends restarting the game. Although it will still work on previously undiscovered hordes of in-progress games. “There is no need to start a new game. If you are still in the early stages or maybe in the middle,” they wrote.

Next, they hope to increase the size of the wolf pack and the number of enemies in the camp. means the world of lost days Couldn’t have been more friendly. But at least you won’t be lonely.

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