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“DC Health launches a portal for residents to access COVID-19 immunization records.”

* UPDATE I finally found mine with help from some Twitter patients, but it wasn’t easy. (Must be saved in PDF format)

From the mayor’s office:

DC Health today announced the launch of DC MyIR, a web-based portal that gives residents of the district a safe, easy and free access to official COVID-19 vaccination records. The portal, located at myir.dc.gov, allows users to view and print official copies of vaccination records and dependents’ records at any time.

Developed in partnership between DC Health, DC MyIR with support from the US Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), DC MyIR gives residents the opportunity to access digital immunization records. Address on the CDC Immunization Gateway (IZ Gateway).

DC MyIR uses a simple registration process, allows users to create and activate an account, and uses a 2-step verification process to match their registrations to find an exact match in the immunization registry. Users can also add dependents under the age of 18 to their DC MyIR account.Once the registered account has been verified, the vaccination record is available for the user to view and print as needed. Any certified vaccination record provided by the portal will be accepted by the venue requiring proof of vaccination.

Residents may not be able to access COVID-19 immunization records through the MyIR matchmaking process for one of the following reasons:

Their information (E.g. name, date of birth, phone number and / or address) may be different or not current in MyIR system (old information, incorrect spelling or name has been changed).
The person chose not to use MyIR when receiving the COVID-19 vaccination and chose not to disclose his or her records.

For those experiencing difficulty accessing the COVID-19 immunization record in MyIR, check with your vaccine provider to make sure the information is accurate and updated. Residents of districts receiving COVID-19 vaccination in other jurisdictions may experience delays in viewing COVID-19 immunization records within MyIR.There is currently no COVID-19 vaccination record date outside the jurisdiction.

While DC Health is focused on making sure residents of the district have a record of disposable COVID-19 vaccinations. But the agency hopes to expand the use of the portal to provide complete immunization records and other health information for residents and families without the need. Contact their health care provider.

DC MyIR is HIPPA compliant and records are only available to authorized users. For more information, visit dchealth.dc.gov/page/dc-myir “

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