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Delta coronavirus that spreads rapidly in California

Delta is the third most frequently identified variant of the coronavirus in California according to new data – highlighting that the variant is highly contagious. It is dangerous for people who are not vaccinated against COVID-19.

The Delta variant currently accounts for 14.5% of California coronavirus cases analyzed in June, up from 4.7% in May. This is the fourth most commonly identified variant in California. According to information published by the California Department of Public Health.

Experts say the Delta variant has a greater chance of infection for unvaccinated people. If they get this version of the virus The variant first identified in India may be twice as contagious as the common coronavirus strain. Delta variants are responsible for the increase in recent cases in India, the UK and elsewhere.

But those vaccinated are well protected from infection and illness from the delta variant. One recent study found that the full course of the Pfizer-BioEntech vaccine (2 doses) was 88% effective against symptomatic disease caused by the Delta variant, and 96% prevented hospitalization.

There is no widespread scientific consensus on whether delta variants are more likely to cause severe illness than other common strains.

The increase in the delta occurred as the current dominant species of Alpha, California. which was identified for the first time in the UK may have reached its peak

in May The alpha variant comprised 58.4% of coronavirus cases analyzed in California. in june Alpha̵

7;s share has declined. And it now accounts for 37.7% of the cases analyzed — still the top variable, but a much smaller percentage across all sorts of patterns.

The gamma variant, first identified in Brazil, is also seen more frequently in California. in May The gamma variable comprised 10.1% of the analyzed cases. It now accounts for 21.6% of cases analyzed in the state. But Delta continues to grow at a faster rate.

Los Angeles County, which is the most populous of the country. has confirmed cases Delta’s 123 cases, 49 of which are residents of Palmdale and Lancaster. Fourteen cases of the delta variant were among people from a single household.

LA County data suggests vaccines are still overwhelmingly effective at protecting people from Delta variants. as well as other known variables.

Of the 123 confirmed cases of the Delta variant in LA County, 89% occurred among those not vaccinated against COVID-19 and 2% among those who received it. Received only partial vaccinations

No one has died from a Delta variant in LA County.

Los Angeles County director of public health Barbara Ferrer said very few people who were fully vaccinated were infected with Delta. “The symptoms are relatively mild.”

Nearly everyone has died in LA County from COVID-19 in the past six months. not vaccinated

Data released by the county reveals that 99.8% of deaths from COVID-19 occur. It occurred among unvaccinated people between December 7 and June 7.

in the case of hospitalization  and mortality by vaccination status in LA County (June 24, 2021).

“If you are fully vaccinated You get a lot of protection,” Ferrer said, adding that for “a very small number” of people infected with variable delta. Even after vaccination “They’re not really sick… This is an epidemic of unvaccinated people.”

Effects of other delta variable outbreaks It also supports the efficacy of vaccines. In Israel, there is a delta variant outbreak. “Mainly without vaccination,” tweeted Dr Ashish Jha, dean of Brown University School of Public Health.

Yes, some people who have been vaccinated in Israel are still infected. “Because there is no 100% vaccine,” Jha writes, but the infection that destroys the immunity received from the vaccine causes mild disease.

“What happened in Israel is that the vaccine works exactly as we expected,” Jha wrote.

State-issued data also showed that the percentage of the tested population who had antibodies to the coronavirus, a sign of immunity to COVID-19, also increased.

Between May 16 and June 12, 85.9% of Californians tested for antibodies to the coronavirus were infected. This is a signal that tends to increase immunity. Either because of immunization or past exposure to the virus. That’s up from 76.6% calculated over a four-week period in May.

Experts estimate that 70% to 85% of the population needs immunity for a region to develop a “herd immunity” against COVID-19, hampering the ongoing spread of the virus.

Officials continue to urge everyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19. This includes those who survived the disease at the start of the pandemic. Experts say that the immunity provided by vaccination is stronger and longer than the immunity from surviving the infection.

Highly contagious delta variants make the task of obtaining herd immunity more difficult.

Dr. George Rutherford Epidemiologists from UC San Francisco said that with common coronavirus strains It can take up to 71% of the population to become immune in a region to gain access. “herd immunity” and prevent the spread of the virus. But variables like Delta – because it’s so transmissive – will raise that threshold by 84%, he said.

Delta variables are also spread throughout the country.

Between May 9 and May 22, the Delta variant comprised less than 3% of the coronavirus samples analyzed across the country, but from June 6 to June 19, that share rose to more than 20%.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading US government infectious disease expert call this species “It is currently the greatest threat in the United States to efforts to eradicate COVID-19.”

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