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Delta will require new employees to be vaccinated.

Delta Air Lines will need new jobs to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. But it will exclude current employees from that delegate, making it one of the first giants to accept the requirement.

“Anyone who joins Delta as a future employee, we will authorize them to be vaccinated before they can register with the company,” Ed Bastian, the airline’s chief executive, said in an interview. CNN’s on Thursday evening.

While current employees will be exempt, Bastian said he expects 75 to 80 percent of airline employees to continue to be vaccinated, and he will “strongly support”

; the rest to do so. Unvaccinated workers may face some restrictions, such as not being allowed to work on international flights, he added.

For large companies, such decisions are risky. On the one hand, requiring all workers to be vaccinated will reduce the anxiety of returning workers and help the country provide herd immunity, which will support economic recovery. On the other hand, it raises privacy concerns and risks backlash or even prosecution.

In January, United Airlines chief executive Scott Kirby told video forum staff that he supported the idea. But added that airlines cannot “be the only company in practice” to do so. Nobody followed suit and United never did.

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