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Demi Lovato apologized after facing a backlash calling for the frozen yogurt shop to be sugar-free.

Demi Lovato found herself in a very cold situation.

The “Sorry Not Sorry” actress got a lot of attention on Sunday after she warned the local Los Angeles frozen yogurt shop The Bigg Chill for its many sugar-free options. By writing to over 100 million Instagram followers that the popular small business is powering “Dining Culture”

Forwarded to Monday, Lovato, 28, mentioned the backlash she received for a publicly shared speech from an exchange with a frozen yogurt shop.

While discussing the incident on Instagram Live, Lovato opened up yet again about her battle with eating disorders and told her followers that her message was “misunderstood.”


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“I’m sorry I might have sent the wrong message, I’m sorry that it might disappoint some people,” she said.

Demi Lovato swarmed up a lot on Sunday after she warned The Bigg Chill in a local Los Angeles frozen yogurt shop for a variety of sugar-free options.

Demi Lovato flocked in big Sunday after she warned local Los Angeles frozen yogurt shop The Bigg Chill for its many sugar-free options.
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Elsewhere in the video, Lovato goes on to say: “When I send a message to this place Originally, I wanted to address the issue and wanted to call out behavior or branding that didn’t work for me as a deal person. With an eating disorder and recovering from a eating disorder, I still have a hard time walking into the Froyos to this day, ordered the yogurt and was satisfied with it and kept it down. ”

“I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal for a lot of people. But for me, ”she continues, adding that while she was in the store, Lovato was unaware that some” food “and” healthy food “were not. “Sacrifice has the meaning” for specific health needs “

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“I didn’t know about that,” she said, “because it was unclear, so I made a definite conclusion and probably wasn’t going to be as much about it as I have. But I would be happy to chat with this froyo to help get the texting right. ”

Lovato said on Sunday that she “Find it very difficult to order froyo from @thebiggchillofficial. When you have to walk past tons of sugar-free cookies / other weight loss foods before you get to the counter.

Demi Lovato apologizes after 'sending the wrong message'

Demi Lovato apologizes after ‘sending the wrong message’
(Rich Fury / Getty Images for OBB Media)

She ordered the business “Do better, please” and called the yogurt shop. “#dietculturevultures”

The local establishment has not responded to Lovato’s criticism and responded to the singer.

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“We’re not losing weight vultures,” Bigg Chill wrote to Lovato in a direct message, which she shared publicly. “We have catered to all the needs of our customers for the past 36 years. Sorry, you found this inappropriate.”

On her own Instagram account, The Bigg Chill also wrote back to Lovato and her social tags.

“We have products for diabetics, celiac disease, vegans and, of course, a wide variety of products as well,” wrote frozen yogurt shop.

But Lovato remained adamant with her patience on Sunday as she caught the attention of the company and pressed that the sugar-free offer was just one of her feelings for the business.


“Not only that, your service is terrible, very rude,” said Lovato. “The whole experience is very stimulating and terrible. You can take things for other people while taking care of another part of your customers who fight every day. To even step into your shop “

Adds Lovato: “You can find a way to create a compelling environment for everyone with different needs, including eating disorders – one of the most dangerous mental illnesses after opios. [sic] Overdose, ”Lovato added, referring to her 2018 overdose.” Don’t make excuses, do better. “

Bigg Chill appeared to have had with the “Dancing With the Devil” singer at that point, while Lovato’s message was left “read”.

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Many people on social media reacted to Lovato’s statement by slapping the star. “Demi lovato was terrible. She complained about the yogurt shop with sugar-free cookies. She was supposed to be the definition of pity.” One person wrote

Adds another critic: “Demi Lovato is seriously complaining about yogurt shops that offer sugar-free options.”

Lovato has been widely publicized about fighting eating disorders such as Bulimia, including overcoming drug use.

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She noted in a recent documentary, Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil, that she started a beauty pageant at a young age, which has disrupted her relationship with food and beauty.

The papers revealed that Lovato had a relapse of an eating disorder that began during the tour. “Tell me you love me” in 2018 by exercising too much and controlling her diet.

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While on tour, people around her were subjected to regular drug testing and were accused by Lovato’s former team of being “careful” about what they ate and how they ate around her.

The owner of The Bigg Chill, Cary Russell, did not immediately return Fox News’ claims for comment.

Fox News’ Jessica Napoli contributed to this report.

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