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Demi Lovato destroys the beloved shop in LA. Big mistake

Demi Lovato faced a sharp backlash on Monday in an altercation with a beloved frozen yogurt shop in Los Angeles that left her in hot water.

Over the weekend, the “Dancing With the Devil” artist attacked Bigg Chill to promote sugar-free cookies and “other diet foods,” according to a screenshot of Lovato Bigg Chill’s Instagram story, located on Olympic Boulevard. In West LA, it says there are products to suit different dietary restrictions and needs of its customers.

“Ordering froyo from @thebiggchillofficial It̵

7;s very difficult when you have to walk past tons of sugar-free cookies / other weight loss foods before you get to the counter. Please, please. ”Lovato, who has more than 102 million followers on the platform, has been gaining attention to her battle with an eating disorder.

“I will call [out] A malicious message from the brand, or [companies] That spreads the breadth of society not only But enabled But also praising the disordered eating #dietculturevultures “

On its own Instagram page, which has nearly 12,000 followers (up from 6,000 before Lovato’s post), Bigg Chill responded Sunday, explaining that there was a list of foods for people with diabetes and celiac disease as well as options. For vegans and “many as you like” options

In a direct message to Lovato, who later shared a screenshot of a private exchange about her story, the store declined the label. “Vulture lost weight” and apologized for offending the singer. Lovato continued to disparage the company, which started in 1986 for its “terrible” service and canceled “excuses.

“The whole experience was very beginning and terrible,” she responded.

“You can take things for other people while taking care of another part of your customers who are struggling every day to even step into your store. You can find a way to provide a compelling environment for everyone with different needs. This includes an eating disorder, which is one of the second most dangerous mental illnesses. [opioid] Overdose of medicine “

TMZ reported that in a direct message to the store, Lovato reported, “You don’t want to mess with me. You are wrong and the customer is always right. “

In a Huffington Post statement, Bigg Chill reiterated its commitment to serving different consumer food communities and said it was. “Demi’s opinion is really painful.”

“Over the past 36 years, our little women’s business has catered to everyone who comes into the house,” the company says. Always try to have something for everyone “

Lovato’s return to online campaign was swift, with fans of Bigg Chill commenting on an Instagram post on April 8 to express their support. The store also shared encouraging posts on its own Instagram stories.

“We love you, although @ddlovato clearly doesn’t know about supplements,” wrote one user. Another noted, “I don’t live in LA. But I want to show my support! I love Demi, but I disagree with you on this matter. ”

“I’m sorry, on behalf of Demi, I know you have different options for people with diabetes and other health problems. “Real Housewives of New York City” by Leah McSweeney, withered reviews)

In a subsequent Instagram story, Lovato posted a screenshot of an old Instagram post at Bigg Chill, stating that the cookies and cakes presented were partially “guilt-free” (“I don’t have to feel guilty about eating it.” Anything, ”argued the Grammy challenger.)

The former Disney Channel star suggested in a follow-up message that Big Chill was “more clear” about branding by “Label candy for celiac or diabetic or vegetarian” because it can be confusing and confusing. “It is difficult to distinguish the dining culture Compared with health needs ”

“I think sending clear messages is more helpful for everyone,” she wrote. “You can’t be wrong to accommodate so many different needs. But it’s not a matter of excluding one demographic group to accommodate others. ”

After Lovato was widely criticized, with many accusing her of using her platform to select local businesses, she retrace an Instagram video on Monday. She said she “definitely came to conclusions” when she entered the store and “probably shouldn’t have gone about” facing the shop the way she did.

“I’m sorry I sent the wrong message,” she said Monday. “My intention was not to come in to bully small businesses. That’s not at all I walked in, was so stimulated that I left without going anywhere and it made me very sad. That’s it, and I want to talk about that. “

She also offers to help Big Chill adjust the product description to be more sensitive to people with eating disorders.

“I’m really sorry people have been abused,” she added, “I’m just really passionate. You know me, I’m kinda tingled and sometimes my emotions make me feel my best.”

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