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Demings launches Senate against Rubio

Representative Val Demings questions former special counsel Robert Mueller.

Rep. Val Demings is seen as the top Democratic candidate | J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo

by Matt Dixon


Orlando Democratic Rep. Val Demings on Wednesday launched her bid to knock down GOP Sen. Marco Rubio, a race Democrats hope to use to regain involvement in the Republican-dominated state. together

Demings, a 64-year-old former Orlando police commissioner, is seen as the top Democratic candidate. She looked for governor before POLITICO reported in May that she had shifted focus to challenge Rubio, a move that rippled across the field. Because Demings is seen as the favorite in the Democratic primary race.

“I’m running for the US Senate. ‘Cause I’ll never tire of standing up for what’s right Never get tired of serving Florida. Never get tired of doing good,” Demings said on Twitter.

The Orlando Sentinel was the first to report her announcement.

Rubio and Florida Sen. Rick Scott, who chair the Republican National Senate Committee, will frame Demings as a left-wing socialist, sending a message that they have successfully used it during the past two election cycles in Florida. Democrats hope her nearly three-decade career in law enforcement will help undercut those attacks. which often seeks to link Democratic candidates to the movement “Defeating the Police”

“Senator Val Demings is a go-getter without a single major legislative achievement during her time in Congress,” Rubio said in a video on Wednesday.

Scott and NRSC greeted Demings’ announcement by calling her “Pelosi Puppet” who “supports the debacle of the police”

“Senator Rubio is leading the fight for the priorities every Florida family needs, more jobs, safer communities. Excellent education for their children and making sure that freedom and democracy are preserved at home and around the world,” Scott said. “That’s what Floridians want, not just a DC Democratic puppet. Another vote against Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s extreme Left agenda in every way.”

The Senate is currently split evenly at 50-50, with Vice President Kamala Harris taking equal votes, so knocking down Rubio is key to Democrats’ national strategy to stay in power.

Demings, who is in her third term in Congress, gained national notoriety for serving as a manager during President Donald Trump’s first impeachment and at one point on the short list. that is Joe Biden’s Vice President

Florida Democrats Defeated in 2020 Ballot by Republicans including Trump, who beat Florida by more than three points. The party has little control in the state legislature led by the GOP and Nikki Fried, the only elected official of the Democratic Party, left office to run for governor.

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