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Democratic Wake 2022 Report on Messaging and Voter Reach

Democrats beat President Donald J. Trump and took over the Senate last year with a racially diverse coalition defeated by smaller margins in key states such as Georgia. Arizona and Wisconsin

In the next election they cannot be trusted to repeat that. new report warns

A review of the 2020 elections conducted by a number of prominent pro-democracy groups. It concluded that the party was at risk of losing common ground with black American voters. Hispanic and Asian Americans Unless it better presents an economic agenda and opposes Republican attempts to propagate. Misinformation and binds all Democratic candidates to the far left.

The 73-page report, obtained by The New York Times, was compiled at the behest of three major democratic interest groups: the Third Way, the central thinker group, and the PAC and Latin Victory Fund. which promotes black and Hispanic candidates It seems to be the most thorough self-criticism carried out by Democrats or Republicans after the latest campaign.

This document stands out because it addresses the victorious party. despite success But Democrats hope to achieve stronger control of the two Houses of Representatives.

Part of the study found that Democrats lack ambition as several House and Senate candidates have failed to match Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s support for Trump’s hateful black voters. but does not trust the Democratic Party as a whole Those constituencies include Hispanic voters in Florida and Texas. Vietnamese and Filipino American voters in California and black voters in North Carolina.

The report warned overall that The 2020 Democrats are missing the main controversy over the economy and recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. That could help the Republican ousted candidates claim they want. “Close the economy” or worse, political parties are “too biased with rhetoric. ‘Anti-Trump’,” the report concludes.

“Win or lose, progressively or moderately self-explanatory. Democrats have cited the continued lack of a strong Democratic Party brand as a major concern in 2020,” the report said. The opposition clinched the GOP talks, saying our candidates would ‘Burn your house and lead the police.’”

Former Representative Debbie Mucarsel-Powell The Democratic Party, a Democrat who lost re-election in South Florida in November, said in an interview that she spoke with the report’s authors and raised concerns about access to democracy to Hispanic voters. and the party’s failure to deny misinformation. in spanish media

“Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has lost contact with our voters in some way,” Ms Mucarzel-Powell said. “There is this assumption that people of color or the working class will definitely vote for the Democrats. We cannot predict anything.”

The report, largely written by Marlon Marshall and Lynda Tran, two veteran Democratic Party activists. It is one of the most important resolutions in the Democratic Party’s internal debate on how to approach the 2022 elections, which may have cast doubt on some groups due to Third Way involvement, which most of the rest see as “the most important thing in the world”. antagonist

The fourth group initially supported the study. Financial reforms campaigning for End Citizens United backed away this spring, said group leader Tiffany Muller. They had to forgo their involvement to focus on passing the People’s Act. Good government bill stuck in the Senate

Mr. Marshall and Mr. Tran including review advocacy groups. It has begun sharing its conclusions with lawmakers and Democratic Party officials in recent days, including Democratic National Committee chair Jamie Harrison.

The study lasted nearly six months of research and an analysis of the House and Senate’s three dozen racially distilled data. and involved interviews with 143 people, including legislators. candidate and voters said the people involved in compiling the report. Among the campaigns reviewed were Senate elections in Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina. The same goes for racing in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Dallas, and in rural New Mexico and Maine.

The study follows an internal review conducted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. which was revealed last month Both projects found Democratic candidates to be excluded from flawed elections and heavy campaign restrictions.

In its DCCC report, the committee noted that the congressional defeat was the result of an increase in Trump supporters. and the Democrats’ insufficient response to the attacks that call them socialists hate the police.

Some left-wing lawmakers have complained that criticism of left-wing messages equals defamation activists because of the party’s failures.

Yet scrutiny by Third Way, Collective PAC and the Latino Victory Fund goes on to diagnose party messaging as inadequate in ways that could cost more than a dozen Democrats. in the council The report offers a straightforward assessment that by 2020, Republicans have succeeded in deceiving voters about the Democratic Party’s agenda. And Democrats have made the mistake of speaking to voters of color as if they were a left-leaning monolith.

Representative Tony Cárdenas of California which last year was an assistant to the political action committee of The Congressional Hispanic Caucus accepted criticism of the democratic message and said the party should abandon the premise that “The voters of color are inherently more advanced.”

“That’s a ridiculous idea and it’s never true,” Cardenas said. and lamented that the Republican Party had succeeded in “Trying to confuse Latino voters with socialist messages, things like ‘protect the police’.”

Quentin James, chairman of the PAC Group, said it was clear that “Some of the idioms we see from coastal Democrats” are problematic, and James pointed to activists calling for “reparations” to the police as extremely dangerous. even with supporters of the police overhaul.

“We did a survey that showed that the vast majority of black voters supported police reform and budget re-allocation,” James said. “That term – ‘defund’ – is unpopular in the human community. black

Kara Eastman, a progressive Democrat who lost her bid for a House seat in Omaha, said Republicans were successful in submitting. “Influx of messages” that kept her and her party outside the mainstream. Ms Eastman said she had told the 2020 review authors that she believed those labels were particularly damaging to women.

Third Way strategist Matt Bennett said the party had to prepare for the midterm defense.

“We have to take serious attacks on these Democrats as extremist and determine where they land,” Bennett said. “A lot of this didn’t happen at Joe Biden.”

Democrats still have a big advantage over black voters in the 2020 elections, but reports say the weakness is a weakness. Biden and other Democrats It was defeated by Latino voters compared to the party’s performance in 2016, “especially among working-class and non-university voters in these communities,” the report said.

The report finds that the rapid rise in Asian Americans appears to have preceded Mr Biden’s victory in Georgia. But the House of Representatives candidate follows Biden with Asian American voters in the California and Texas races. in some major states Democrats are not mobilizing black voters at the same rate that Republicans are conservative white voters.

The report warned that “The dramatic increase in election results allowed Democrats to get more raw votes from black voters than in 2016, but the rapid growth among white voters in most races. outpace these gains,” the report warned.

There was no self-review on the Republican side after the party’s catastrophic defeat last year. This was largely because the GOP leaders did not want to discuss Mr Trump’s impact.

The Republican Party faces serious political hurdles. which was caused by the unpopularity of Mr. Trump The growing liberalism of young voters and the increasing diversity of the country Many party policies are unpopular. This includes cutting out social welfare programs and retirement insurance. and low taxation for wealthy corporations and large corporations.

Yet the structure of the American electoral system has tilted the national campaign to the GOP due to congressional protests and disproportionate representation of rural white voters in the Senate and Electoral College.

So far, Democrats’ hopes for the midterm elections have been based on expectations of a strong recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and voters about Republican Party as a “supremacist”. Party unsuitable for governance

Representative Mikie Sherrill from New Jersey. which is the Democratic Party in the middle which received a summary of the findings of the report Call this proof that the party needs a strong central message about the economy in 2022.

“We need to keep showing Americans what we’ve done. And then we talk nonstop across the country, in every city, about how the Democrats rule,” Ms Sherrill said.

Most of the reports fail to mention that a large deficit of Democrats faces lower-income white voters. SRT needed to send a message that there were white people in the working class and matched. GOP’s “total gospel” on low taxes and military strength

“Our gospel should be about supporting all working people — including but not limited to white workers — and raising the values ​​of opportunity, equality, and inclusion,” they wrote.

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