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Democrats urge investigation of ‘suspicious’ town hall tours ahead of riots

A coalition of more than 30 Democrats is calling for an investigation into a “suspicious” town hall tour that took place the day before the deadly attack on Wednesday by the mob. Support Trump

An ally led by a representative Mikie SherrillRebecca (Micky) Michelle Cherrill, five Centristist Democrats, opposed the Pelosi for Speaker with a tight vote.Pelosi won the Speakership for the fourth time in a remarkable vote LIVE. COVERAGE: House voting to name Speaker MORE (DN. Man asked for an “immediate investigation into suspicious behavior and access to visitors of the Capitol Complex on Tuesday, January 5, 2021

– the day before the Capitol attack.”

Lawmakers said they had seen “a large number of external groups in the complex on Jan. 5, which is unusual as the public tour at City Hall ended in March 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak.”

They also wrote that some visitors, met by lawmakers, “appeared to be involved” with the “Stop the Steal” rally held at the White House the next day when Congress adopted an elected president. Joe BidenJoe Biden, a growing number of GOP lawmakers, said they supported impeachment through a measure demanding Pence to remove Trump Disney.Walmart said they would block donations to lawmakers who oppose college election results rather than.Electoral College Victory

“Members of the group attacking the Capitol appear to have unusually detailed knowledge of the form of the Capitol Complex. The presence of these groups within the Capitol Complex is truly suspicious,” lawmakers wrote.

“Considering the Jan. 6 events, the relationship between these groups within the Parliament building and the attacks on government agencies needs to be examined,” they added.

The letter comes after Cherrill said Tuesday during a Facebook live stream that she had seen a colleague leading people in “Perception cycle”Of the central agency before the attack, which killed five people and damaged the building.

She said that she intended “It will be seen that the members of Congress supported him; All the congressmen with various groups entered the state agency I saw on Jan. 5 – patrol the next day. The Congress members who stirred up this violent mob. Members of Congress trying to help our president undermine our democracy. I will see that they are responsible and, if necessary, make sure they are not serving in Congress. ”

Cherrill was not alone in concerns about the security at the Capital Complex, which led to the building attack.

agent Ayanna PressleyAyanna Pressley, a Democrat, is ready to sue Trump again, Pence against removing Trump under the 25th Amendment: reports that Pelosi has vowed to sue Trump again – if Pence. Nance didn’t delete him first.Chief of Staff (D-Mass.) Sarah Groh. The Boston Globe gave an interview on Wednesday. All panic buttons in Pressley’s office were removed prior to the attack.

A Pressley spokesperson later told The Hill the matter was being investigated.

The previous chief of police and all House and Senate sergeant resigned after the breach.

The house was set to sue. President TrumpDonald Trump, a growing number of GOP lawmakers, said they supported impeachment for YouTube, temporarily banning uploading of new content on Trump’s channel, through measures calling for Pence to remove Trump further. Later Wednesday, about his role in inciting rioters and a growing list of companies is cutting donations to politicians who oppose college election results.

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