7;s Weather Forecast Center expects another normal North Atlantic hurricane. But it does not forecast the historic storm activity seen in 2020.

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The National Hurricane Center said a newly formed depression could make landfall on Monday near the Georgia-South Carolina border.

Southeast Georgia has heavy rainfall and dangerous gusts and high currents. It may rain on Monday morning before the Depression Center.

“High winds can be associated with this storm,” said Nicole Lobiondo, AccuWeather meteorologist. But the main threat to the land is the constant downpours that can cause flash floods. especially in low-drainage and poorly drained areas.”

Rough swells and stronger rip currents tend along the southeastern coast as this system creates ocean currents.

If the depression’s wind speed reaches 39 mph this afternoon or evening. will be named Tropical Storm Danny. If so A Tropical Storm Warning may be in effect or parts of the Georgia and South Carolina coasts without prior notice.

regardless of development Only a few inches of rain could be expected along the coasts of Georgia and southern South Carolina through Monday night.

meanwhile The second turbulence caused a small group of rain and thunderstorms. north east tropical Atlantic Ocean and in the Eastern Pacific Ocean Hurricane Enrique It is expected to cause heavy rainfall over southwestern Mexico in the coming days. Hurricane Center said

until this season Which officially began on June 1, the Atlantic has seen three named storms.

The federal government forecasts another hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean in 2021, with 6-10 hurricanes forming. The forecaster said in May

The season runs through Nov. 30. The season typically hits seven hurricanes and peaks in August and September. If the forecast is true, it will be the 6th year in a row that the activity is above normal

Overall, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration It said 13 to 20 named storms would develop. This number includes tropical storms.

How rough will it be? El Niño didn’t come to the rescue: what does that mean for the 2021 hurricane season?

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Another turmoil in the Atlantic Ocean.

meanwhile second chaos which is a wide area of ​​low pressure associated with tropical waves It was causing rain and a small group of thunderstorms. Over the eastern tropical Atlantic Ocean, there is a 40% chance of forming in the next 28 hours.

Some slow developments were possible through the end of the week as the system moved rapidly west to the northwest at about 20 mph. which should arrive at the Lesser Antilles late Wednesday or Wednesday.

“There could be a gradual development as it tracks across the Atlantic,” said Adam Douty, senior meteorologist at AccuWeather, and it’s possible this could gain enough organization to become a tropical depression in the first half of the week.

AccuWeather forecasters say that although this feature cannot be classified as a tropical system, But there could be heavy rainfall and thunderstorms in the Lesser Antilles and the northwestern Caribbean in the middle of the week.

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