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Deshaun Watson filed first court documents in a pending assault case.

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The prosecution of Deshaun Watson continues. It was the first time Watson submitted documents to support his position.

Lawyer Rusty Hardin has filed a petition to halt the complaint filed by one of his 22 accusers with a requirement to complete the case in her real name.

In addition to the eight-page filing, Hardin released a statement.

“We’ve said this before, and we want to say it again,” said Hardin. “Deshaun did not coerce, coerce, or intimidate anyone to do anything against their will. When we asked Mr. Buzbee to identify his client several weeks ago, he declined and told us to file a complaint. Today we submit that motion. As noted in our filing, Mr. Buzbee’s use of an anonymous litigation violates Texas law and the concept of fairness. It was clear that for Buzbee, the case was never about seeking courtroom justice. Rather, it destroys Deshaun’s reputation in order to increase his publicity and enrich himself. Although I understand that anonymity is often used as a shield for victims, Buzbee uses it as a sword. While protecting clients from public scrutiny, Buzbee continued to use anonymous accusations to destroy Mr Watson. This is not correct And we look forward to resolving these issues in court. ”

Jane Doe No.7’s filing comes two days after two plaintiffs revealed their identities: Ashely Solis and Lauren Baxley, assuming a similar move would be filed in all cases the plaintiffs are taking. By pseudonym

It is not clear if the ongoing efforts to undermine Buzbee will be registered in the public opinion court, which many believe the battle has been lost. In the end, Buzbee’s speech and motivation would mean nothing by the time the parties have to present evidence and arguments to support the plaintiffs’ stance that Watson was wrong and Watson’s stance on him. Didn’t do

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