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Destiny 2’s Osiris trials remain offline.

After disabling Destiny 2A trial of Osiris mode last weekend due to exploitation, Bungie announced Thursday in a weekly blog post that it is taking the mode offline indefinitely as it continues to investigate the issue.

Last week, a winning trading method that has been going on for a while and worldwide trial players started winning trades to get to Flawless.Here’s how it works: Players wear certain symbols to show them. They were playing a game in exchange for victory with another Fireteam leader team. The two rolled virtual dice on chat. And the winning team will enter the tournament again with the characters they want to win, while the losing team returns from the tournament. Make enough time and the defender who appears when the Fireteam boss wins the match will get a free trip to the lighthouse.

It’s a very complex and complex system. You can watch Destiny PvP YouTuber Aztecross explains the mistake in detail in the video above. At the moment it’s not clear how long Bungie will take to fix this issue, but as Aztecross pointed out, disabling the game mode to keep the Trials intact after a year of rampant cheating makes sense. A little stupid now

In other news, Bungie encouraged players to try and attack the current 12 players. Destiny 2Stating that the studio was not rushing to fix it, Bungie realized that since the activity in question wasn’t meant for 12 players, things could have been a bit strange. The studio said it will fix bugs ahead of the March 16th return of Grandmaster Nightfalls, assuming it will preserve the integrity of the rewards coming from them, such as the Conqueror’s name.

Bungie also announced a community vote where players can choose between a new dinosaur-themed armor or a monster-themed costume in the movie.

Late this year during Destiny 2The Halloween stand-in Festival of the Lost Bungie will sell new armor for either Silver (real currency) or Bright Dust (the in-game currency used to purchase cosmetic items), Silver-or-Bright-Dust armor. That’s pretty common for holiday events in Destiny, but this year players get to vote on what they want.

Destiny 2 monster leather armor made art

From left to right we have Hunter, Warlock and Titan.
Photo: Bungie

The first possibility is a monster set in a classic movie. We have a Hunter dressed as Godzilla Warlock, a monster from a black lagoon and a Titan dressed as a Cyclops.

Destiny 2 dinosaur armor is an art set.

Again, we have Hunter, Warlock and Titan from left to right.
Photo: Bungie

The second set features some dinosaurs looking for defenders. There is a hunter in the armor, the raptors have magic in them. Triceratops Armor and Titan in T. rex Armor. From the early internet reaction, it seemed that the dinosaur costume had won this vote in a landslide.

Fans who want to vote to help Dino set their victory safely or restore balance by voting for the Monster Set movie – can fill out Bungie’s poll, these armor sets are likely to appear in the game during September. To November this year

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