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Destroy the seeding situation of the Trail Blazers playoffs.

Tonight’s game between Portland Trailblazer and Utah Jazz kicks off the home game scheduled for Portland in the 2021 NBA Playoffs. Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks compete for the 5-7th in the NBA’s Western Conference, each with three games remaining; Anything that can happen in any seed.

This year, the seed battle is especially important because of the play-in competition. Teams that finish 7th place are not guaranteed points at the end of the season. But will have to get from running the same game next week

This post provides a rundown of where the Blazers, Lakers and Mavericks stand, what is coming up for each and Blazers fans will want to root for the next five days. We also describe the Play-In for those who need a review in case the Blazers end up there.

Current rank

The Blazers and Mavericks now have a 40-29 tie record, ranking fifth and sixth respectively. The Lakers are 39-30 behind-the-scenes in seventh place. None of the three teams have been able to overtake the 4th seed and neither. Can drop to rank 8

Rest games

Cloak Play Utah Jazz tonight, Phoenix Sun on Thursday, then finish the regular season on Sunday against the Denver Nuggets. The first two games are on the road, home games in Denver.

The Lakers Play the Houston Rockets tonight at home, then take a Saturday-Sunday road trip with the Indiana Pacers and the New Orleans Pelicans.

Mavericks Host the Pelicans tonight, the Toronto Raptors on Friday, then head to Minnesota to face the Timberwolves on Sunday.

Easy timing

With Zion Williamson out for the Pelicans, the schedule for the Lakers and Mavericks looked easier than Portland’s. Utah-Phoenix-Denver is Murderer’s Row compared to what the Lakers and Mavericks will face, they have hardly any playoff level opponent between them.

One of the questions the Blazers have to face is how seriously their opponents will get to their late-season game.

The Suns currently sit two games behind Jazz in their battle for the first seed. But Phoenix owns a tiebreaker in that match. That means Portland’s games in Salt Lake and Phoenix will be important to each opponent.

If the Jazz beat the Blazers, it is unlikely that Phoenix will overtake them as they want to win, then see Utah lose the Thunder and the Kings to catch up. If Utah wins tonight, it is possible that the sun may change their turn tomorrow. (That’s light hopes with such a young team.) If the Blazers beat the Jazz tonight, Phoenix’s hopes come true on Thursday, and one would expect them to go all out.

The bigger question may arise on Sunday as the Blazers face the Nuggets. Denver is currently only one game behind the Los Angeles Clipper in four or five positions.If Sunday’s game still matters to Denver in that competition, it will be a completely different situation. Completely if the seed is secured Now there is no way to tell.


The Blazers own tiebreakers with the Mavericks and Lakers based on one-on-one recordings. Portland would get a higher seed if they also matched the record.

If all three teams end in a draw, Dallas will receive the highest seed as the first tiebreaker in a three-team relationship is “Division Winner”. Dallas has already split their division, the Blazers and The Lakers were unable to do so after all three draws were missing, the remaining two teams would resolve the draw by switching back to a two-team basis. Portland will go to LA in that situation.

In other words, all relationships are good for Portland. The cloak couldn’t bind anyone and ended up at the seventh seed.

What is a bet – playing

If the Blazers finish with a 5th or 6th seed, they’ll match up with the Clippers or Nuggets depending on who finishes where. After Sunday’s game against Denver, Portland will have a week off and prepare for the upcoming series, while other teams take part in the Play-In.

If the Blazers finish 7th, they’ll be part of the Play-In Tournament.

As the seventh seed, Portland will compete against the 8th seed for the first time, either the Warriors or the Grizzlies, in a single game.If the Blazers win that game, they will enter the seventh seed west and their match will be over. down

If Portland lost their first play-in game, they would have to play the second against a 9-10 match-winner winner.That would be the San Antonio Spurs or the other half of Memphis – Golden State Tandem, if the Blazers win that second game, they’ll earn an eighth seed in the West. If they lose in the second game they will leave the playoffs.

If Portland emerges from the Play-In with a seventh or eighth seed, they will face the Jazz or the Suns in the first playoffs.

What Blazers fans should hope for

Obviously, it would be much better for the Blazers to finish 5th or 6th rather than 7th, they automatically go into the playoffs and they will pull out more winning opponents in the first round.

Remember, in doing so, Portland only needs it. tied Mavericks or Lakers blazer owns all of the tie-breaks.

The first thing to root is Portland to win.If the Blazers win, the worst thing they can do is draw.Dallas ends the game before LA and takes the fifth seed.

The next best scenario is that Portland just loses once. They might end up in a tie with the Lakers or three, but either way, they’ll get a sixth seed, based on the tiebreakers sending Los Angeles into Play-In.

If the Blazers lose twice, they want the Lakers to lose at least one. With LeBron James and Anthony Davis ‘presence now absolutely possible, the Pacers are the only Lakers’ opponents with nothing left to play, so the Blazers can’t count on anything. Still, uprooting with the Lakers is a good bet for those who need Blazers as well.

Obviously, rooting with Mavericks will work too. But since Portland and Dallas are tied, the Blazers will have to lose Dallas for every Portland loss to keep it running.


Blazers get their fifth or sixth seed and don’t have to enter the Play-In if …

They have won the same number of games (or better) against Dallas over the past three games.


They have won the same number of games the Lakers have made, minus 1 (If LA wins all 3, Portland has to win 2, if LA wins 2, Portland has to win 1).

Otherwise …

The Blazers will finish in 7th and must play to qualify for the eight-team playoffs.

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