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Detroit police will not be charged with the 2020 shooting of Hakim Littleton.

DETROIT – Prosecutors provided an update on Wednesday whether Detroit police officers involved in the 2020 shooting of civilians will be charged.

Wayne County District Attorney Kym Worthy announced Wednesday that no charges will be brought against officials involved in the July 10, 2020 shooting of Hakim Littleton, which took place in a street area. McNichols and San Juan Drive, west of Livernois.

A video and still image of the event should be shown during the press conference on Wednesday.

“After a thorough investigation into cases by the Michigan State Police (MSP), the Detroit Police Department (DPD) homicide agency (DPD), and independent investigation by the WCPO Public Integrity Unit (PIU) were examined, it was determined. Then that There will be no charges against three officers in connection with the shooting of the fatal Hakim Littleton, ”a statement from Worthy read on Wednesday.


According to Worthy, the lethal use of force by police in Detroit is justified, as Littleton is believed to be an imminent threat of danger or death to himself and others around him, according to the DPD policy.

“The incident on July 10, 2020, was captured by a DPD body-worn camera and a police dash cam video. Mr. Littleton is seen by his friend arrested in a residential area. As Mr. Littleton was taking a gun from his pocket, an unarmed officer approached him. Mr. Littleton fires a gun at an officer at close range. Even if Mr. Littleton had ground injuries, he was still a serious threat. He was armed and fired in succession, endangering all officers and civilians on the streets. Officers fired weapons at Mr Littleton to stop the threat. They act in the defense of the officers to protect their fellow officers and civilians near the scene of the crime.

“It has been widely reported and misrepresented that Mr. Littleton’s gun was kicked out of him before the officer fired the last shot hit by Mr. Littleton. This fact is not true and is not supported by video evidence. Littleton, holding a weapon in his hand, pointed in the direction of an officer trying to detain him when a fellow officer shot Mr. Littleton. This is a clear case of self-defense and protection against others. As prosecutors, we will be charged based on facts and laws. The facts and laws governing the case do not support any charges of the shooting of Mr Littleton as they are considered valid.

Wayne County Attorney Kym Worth

You can read the full press release from Prosecutor Worthy below.

According to Detroit Police Chief James Craig, officials are looking for a person involved in the July 4 shooting that injured five and three others dead. Officials said that when the suspect was found, another man approached. A battle ensues and officers arrest the man, later identified as Littleton, in the arrest. That’s when officials said Littleton opened fire.

Littleton reportedly began shooting several rounds at a police officer over his shoulder. As it happened, the officers pushed him away, and that was when additional agents, feared to kill them, shot Littleton several shots.


The 20-year-old was taken to a local hospital where he said he had died.

After Littleton’s death, protests erupted in Detroit over the shooting. The July incident came as protests continued in downtown Detroit condemning police brutality after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on the neck of a skinned man George Floyd. Black killed him in May 2020.

Protesters, including Littleton’s family members, believe the 20-year-old’s death was unfair and should take harmless means to detain him.

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In response to the protests, the Detroit Police Department released body camera footage from the shoot, hoping to “Fight rumors about the incident spread on social media,” the official said.

Speaking to Local 4 last year, DPD Chief Craig has expressed support for his officers’ actions in relation to the shooting, which he believes proved necessary by evidence in the published video.

“As you can see in the video, our staff were fired. The next suspect was a few feet away and he pointed a gun at the officer’s head. This hero, who was quick to react to trying to reduce violence, ran, didn’t even have a chance to take out a weapon, and he was worried about his partner’s safety and security. And you ask me how we responded to that kind of situation, it was revealed unbelievably quick, ”Craig said.


Still, despite video evidence, Littleton’s brother Rashad Littleton-Schaefer refused to believe how the incident happened.

“I want Chief James Craig to stop lying because he doesn’t make sense. He said to the police, ‘Well done’ and that’s not a good job in Detroit, ”Rashad said.

Chief Craig continues to stand up to the officers’ actions.

“Obviously, when you watch this video, the authorities react appropriately,” Craig said. “Of course, it’s a threat to his own life and that of his partner.”

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