Detroit Tigers manager AJ Hinch spoke on Thursday June 1

0, 2021 after his team defeated the Seattle Mariners 8-3 at Comerica Park.

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the Detroit Tigers need starting pitchers but no choice

So they only use the pitching scheme.

Due to Spencer Turnbull’s injury, manager AJ Hinch relied on his relief from start to finish in Thursday’s series finale. And the tricks helped the Tigers win 8-3 over the Seattle Mariners at Comerica Park.

The Tigers (26-36) led two out of three games from the Mariners.

Tigers team manager AJ Hinch said: “You need a lot of guys to have a great day out. ‘Pen and pass the ball well.’ which gives a little room to breathe Lots of arms on the day of ordination. But the men stepped up well on the field.”

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Tigers use the helper six times. It started with Tyler Alexander’s 2⅔ chance of a single run ball, then Hinch got a 1 ได้รับ chance from Brian Garcia, two chances from Jason Foley, one from Joe Ji. Menez, one chance from Alex Lang and a perfect ninth from Gregory Soto.

When Alexander left Garcia and Foley allowed runs in the fourth and fifth innings respectively. Mitch Haniger practiced his second home game – and 16th this season – to leave the field in fifth.

But Robbie Grossman took the lead in the sixth inning. Facing off navigator Anthony Misiewicz, who attended Anchor Bay High School, Grossman hit a double arc and drew a two-run homer to the left for a 7-3 lead.

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Triple the Jake Rogers catcher in the middle to score a Daz. Cameron finished 8-3 in seventh place, Rogers finished 2-for-4 with one home run and two RBIs.

“He plays with confidence,” Hinch said. “He is very comfortable in his own skin. And you can see that the heart beats slowly. He gave us a lot of stability when he was involved in both passes. I’m very happy with him … he’s been there before. It’s very efficient and it plays a big part in keeping things stable. behind the scenes”

Called by Triple-A Toledo to replace injured Derek Hill, Cameron made his season debut and finished 0-for-3 with just one walk.

Jimenez, Lange and Soto keep the Mariners from scoring.

Another Rogers HR

The Mariners hit first on the seventh field where Alexander threw with a 90 mph cutter to Haniger. He slugs first from two home runs to the left. And on the ninth pitch thrown by Justus Sheffield, Mariners starter Jonathan Schoop equalized his 10th home run.

Miguel Cabrera doubled – his 2,900th career – and Isaac Paredes was robbed of a homer who walked away from Wednesday’s extra inning loss, pushing the Tigers to 2-1 with one field to the left.

in the second inning Rogers opened the home run for the second time in a full number of days. Sheffield threw him a four-stitch fastball, two sinkers, two substitutes. and two sliders He released a slider to blow 413 feet to the left.

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Welcome back: Schoop did what Hinch didn’t see to get back on track.

The Tigers took advantage of an error by the Mariners in the fourth inning. Errors from third baseman Kyle Seager and second baseman Donovan Walton put the runners up in third and first place.

Willi Castro poked the ball into the center for two runs ahead. Grossman gave Rogers a 5-2 lead. Sheffield counts the field to 87 after fourth and he hasn’t returned.

Alexander’s beginnings

Alexander faces the biggest test in the second inning.

Alexander allowed four- and single-track walks with runners in the corner. The crafty left-hander got into the strike zone and fought deep into the bat with Taylor Trammell and Donovan Walton.

Both players hit out.

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Trammell threw and missed Alexander’s fastball, the ninth and final pitch in their fight. Walton was called out to attack when he looked at Alexander’s knife, the seventh pitch he saw to tie the runners up.

Alexander recorded the first two outs in the third inning. He was removed after a single from Seager. Garcia finished innings in one field. Alexander Started the second game this month. Lose one run, three shots and one walk. by out twice

He threw 35 of 56 pitches for a strike.

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