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Director Loki details hidden sci-fi references to Marvel Studioss shows

DNA of Dune, Jurassic Park, and Felix the cat All into the timeless beauty of the Time Variance Authority, the heavenly law enforcement organization in LokiMarvel Studios’ latest show to hit Disney Plus

That’s according to the show’s director, Kate Herron. “I want this show to be like a big love letter to sci-fi,” she told Polygon via Zoom.

Many viewers immediately noticed its Brutalist architecture and dystopian feel. Loki When it premieres on Disney Plus this week and is linked to Terry Gilliam̵

7;s. Brazil — But for Herron That’s just the beginning. Time Variance Authority’s design encompasses a lot of science fiction inspiration. All of these are from different eras. “Computer fonts were inspired by was alien. The door you see was inspired by Dune” Herren shakes the show, Miss Min? LokiYour own DNA from Jurassic Park.

“I thought it would be fun to mix Brutalist architecture and Midwest architecture,” she said. You will have a brave and classy atmosphere because TVA is very brave. But the Brutalist architecture is — they’re working for the timekeepers who are these god-like maintainers in the timeline. So it felt like a really good marriage. For me with style.”

Her other goal is to make the time-traveling bureaucracy feel timeless.

“I worked in several offices as a temporary worker before I was a filmmaker. And I remember that the computer was very old. They’re pretty old-fashioned and I’m like, ‘How does this thing still work in the office?’ But they’re like, ‘Look, it’s not broken, so we’re not changing it.’ It sparked something in my head. And when I go to the studio, I’m like, ‘I think it would be nice to have – we’ve seen in science fiction. In the golden age of comics – retro and futuristic technology .’ But I just thought it would be fun. The idea that these people were on top of the trees. Maybe their technology isn’t super advanced. Perhaps more in the world of BrazilAnd it’s these old computers.”

“Kasara [Farahani] and our production design,” she continued.[worked so that] You cannot put these places in time.”

Ultimately, if the Time Variance Authority is always regulated Why is their office from a particular era?

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