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Discarding the lab leak theory as ‘Error’

New York Times writer David Leonhardt It said people made a “mistake” in rejecting the Wuhan lab leak theory just because someone floated that it was possible for the origin of the coronavirus.

On Sunday, Leonhardt spoke to CNN’s. Brian Stelter Concerning the shift in levels of growing conversation surrounding the idea that the virus escaped the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Leonhardt emphasized that the laboratory leak theory remains a “reasonable” explanation, although “we don’t know the word. A,” and the details behind the origin of the outbreak remain unclear.

Leonhard then shifted gears, noting that among those who pushed the lab’s leak theory early on. “Some are conservative politicians,” such as senators. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and former president Donald Trump. He said it was The “mistake” left by people on the left and in the media for that reason, although Leonhardt admits that Cotton traffic with misinformation.

I think people made this mistake. I think many people on the left in politics and the media Make this mistake and say, ‘Wow, what if Tom Cotton is saying something? It’s not true at all.’ Or they assumed that And that’s not right. Tom Cotton deals with misinformation about things like election fraud. He said something was wrong. But that doesn’t mean that everything he said was wrong. And it seems like a lot of people, including a lot of the media, are jumping over the lab leak theory because of where it came from. And the truth is that we Still don’t know how covid started.

Leonhardt maintains that ‘People make decisions too quickly’ about what could be seen as conspiracy theories about coronavirus As he and Stelter discuss Facebook’s new moderation policy on the lab’s leak theory content.

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