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‘Disgusting’ Robocall accuses Wright, Texas candidate of killing husband

“This is illegal, immoral and inaccurate, there is no drain too deep that some politicians will not sink,” Wright said in a statement.

The female voice started the minute-long robocall, saying Wright “killed her husband” and “now she is urging Congress to cover it up.” “That tells who pays for the attack.

Robocall then claimed, “According to a confidential source,” Wright “received a $ 1 million life insurance policy for her husband’s life … six months before his death”, then said. That Wright “was deeply saddened by the nurses that she intended to contract with the coronavirus.”


It added that the hospital “has officially referred the culprit to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and now they have opened a formal criminal investigation on the matter.” There is a right to vote in Texas’s 6th Congressional District deserve it. To learn the truth about Susan Wright and her involvement in her husband’s death. ”

The recipient informed that the call was dialed from the blocked number. In addition to contacting the FBI and the Justice Department, the Wright campaign was in touch with the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department.

“When we heard reports of the criminals stunned the voicemail attacked Susan, we immediately referred the matter to law enforcement and began to cooperate with the agencies,” Wright’s campaign advisor Matt Langston said in a statement. Susan’s opponents were desperate and turned away. Into politics offensive because they know she is the leader

Wright was endorsed by former President Donald Trump, who appeared with her at a conference call earlier this week hosted by the Growth Anti-Tax Club that supported her. As well She has worked in a Republican branch that includes businessman Michael Wood, former Trump executive officer Brian Harrison and retired professional wrestler Dan Rodimer.

The competition has been quite tame so far. The candidates have photographed each other directly in their television ad, although Club for Growth has attacked GOP candidate Jake Ellzey, who made him an anti-Trump counterpart because he received a donation from Bill. Kristol, Trump critic

Wright worked as someone who was able to continue her husband’s legacy. The two have been involved in local GOP politics in the community for decades, and Trump touted their strong ties in the remote city hall held with Wright and Club for Growth on Thursday night.

“It’s an honor to be with Susan,” Trump said. But in the sense that he only loved Susan. But he also respected Susan, he respected everything she said and that was Ron Wright, who served us well over a long period of time. ”

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