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Disney Plus’ Marvel Cinematic Archive May Finally Get Sony’s Spider-Man

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Disney cleared the path for Disney Plus to release its Marvel Cinematic Universe movie streaming catalog with a new licensing agreement with Sony Pictures Entertainment. The deal, which was announced Wednesday by the company, means that Sony̵

7;s-made Spider-Man movies will be available on Disney’s streaming service and TV channel. It was finally released in theaters between 2022 and 2026.

This agreement is for the so-called time frame. That “pay-later time frame” means that Disney services and channels will be able to stream and release new movies just fine after their theatrical release – and even after. Netflix has streamed. Them for a long time

But, more importantly for Marvel fans, the deal also unlocks “numerous” Sony’s library titles that the company says will include Sony’s “Marvel Characters” movies such as Spider-Man, as well as the Jumanji and Rendezvous franchise. Hotel Transylvania

“This gives Disney tremendous programming potential across all platforms and makes it the primary destination for a robust collection of Spider-Man movies.

But defining the nature of the company’s deal raises question marks about Spider-Man: No Way Home, the current No Way Home, the third installment in the film trilogy starring Tom Holland as a mild-mannered superhero has. The theaters are scheduled for December 17, outside the scope of the agreement allowing Disney to access Sony movies released in theaters. Two weeks later, early 2022, it was unclear if No Way Home would be considered the title of a library that Disney could stream.

This Agreement applies to the Disney, Disney Plus and Hulu streaming services, as well as traditional entertainment channels such as ABC, Disney Channels, Freeform, FX, and National Geographic. Disney does not confirm which services or channels will receive specific programming. Aside from being aware that some of Sony’s library movies will hit Hulu in June.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The deal comes the same month Netflix strikes a deal with Sony to be the first to screen new Sony movies after they show up in theaters and in home formats such as online rentals, a Disney deal with Sony. On Wednesday, it basically explains where you’ll be able to stream those Sony movies when you leave Netflix, as well as more options from the vault of Sony’s past titles.

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