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Disney reveals ‘real’ lightsaber and looks great

Disney finally showed off the first look at the “real” retractable lightsabers, which the company began parody in April with a new video showing off the sword in action, and it looks really cool.

According to rumors, the new toys light sabers do not need those awkward plastic propellers. But there is a retractable light-up blade protruding from the handle. (That looks quite normal), just like a crackling energy blade in movies and shows.

The announcement didn’t go into too much detail on how to actually use the folded sword. But some clever ideas on the internet have tackled a rough idea from a Disney patent filing.The broad stroke is that the new blade works almost like a motorized measuring tape, shrinking and expanding plastic sheets, and LEDs. To mimic the ignition effect

The new sword, as expected, will be part of Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, Disney’s upcoming hotel, which promises to take the base of the Galaxy’s Edge park and expand to. Westworld– Dialog style for two nights Star wars An adventure.

Disney says the new swords are still in the works by Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development, but they are expected to be available to guests when the Galactic Starcruiser hotel experience launches in 2022. Disney’s “regular” numbers cost $ 200 each at Galaxy’s Edge. Expect an upgraded version to be priced somewhere in that ballpark. (If not more)

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