Alyson Stoner was only 1

0 when she danced in Missy Elliot’s music video, now 21 years old.She made her own music video in tribute to the artist who started her career, Mara Montalbano (@maramontalbano) showed us. Video provided by Bu

Disney Channel actress Alyson Stoner opened up about her “harrowing” experience as a child star and offers strategies for how the entertainment industry can improve the treatment of young performers.

In an article about People published Wednesday, Stoner, 27, describes the struggles she and other child stars have to face while working in Hollywood, as well as: “The famous and thriving industrial center for the child entertainment industry”

“I narrowly survived the pipeline of my toddler to train,” Stoner wrote. “Indeed, nothing was designed for me to end up … ‘normal,’ ‘stable,’ ‘alive.’ ‘

Stoner starred in the 2003 film Cheaper by the Dozen and the 2005 sequel Cheaper by the Dozen 2 alongside Hilary Duff and other young stars. Disney Channel’s Camp Rock, which launched Demi Lovato’s career and propelled Jonas Brothers, as well as the network sitcom “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” with Dylan and Cole Sprouse. She has dubbed the Disney Channel cartoon “Phineas and Ferb” from 2007 to 2015.

Stoner’s most recent work is voiceover work, including roles in the cartoons “Pete the Cat,” “The Loud House” and “Young Justice”.

In her essay, Stoner describes the pressures that have been put on her during auditions, as well as the psychological challenges of acting emotionally difficult scenes from a young age.

Stoner also writes that many entertainment companies have one-step child labor laws and that conditions are imposed on them. She recalled how agents encouraged her to pursue early release so she was able to work longer and become more employable.

“I learned that being apart is safer in order to survive the things my mind and body face every day,” Stoner wrote. “I will be dizzy for another five years. But what you’ll see is the Smiling Girl # 437 that works forever well. ”

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Stoner recommends that all sets are used. It is a “qualified third-party mental health professional” who can “check working conditions” and “help entertainers control the transition between identities and release residual internal turbulence after expressing emotions”. These mental health professionals can also offer “Safe areas” to report anonymous misconduct as well.

Stoner also advises parents and representatives of child actors to take courses in industry and media literacy. According to Stoner, these classes can “Examine the guardian’s motivation and the level of readiness,” “Reveal reckless and greedy behavior within the agency” and “establish best practices for the safest and most ethical shooting of millions of dollars.”

Stoner wrote that by the age of 17, the “mustache of the industry” “suffocated and destroyed” her family. After weighing less than 20 pounds, the actress who previously opened up about her battle with eating disorders resisted the team’s desire and examined herself in therapy, ‘she wrote.

“Although I am not without the scars and fighting continues. But I’m still one of the luckiest cases, ”added Stoner. “With the mystical power within, I am deeply committed to self-employment and constant healing as my rebel.”

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Stoner also suggested that she faced more battles than she shared in her essay.

“I’m not talking about the sexual harassment, the IP and stolen money, the paparazzi, the psychological impact of the new influential landscape, the toxic drama and what really happened to all those scenes. “She continued.

She extends her essay by encouraging readers to acknowledge the struggles of child stars and offering support for young performers.

“For people who click on the Where Are They Now article, I’m here,” she wrote. “We’re here. This is the first time you’ve read my story. But it is the millions of times of us asking you to listen. “

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