Disneyland Resort and Disney California Adventure Park will reopen April 30 with limited numbers, park officials announced Wednesday.

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Disney’s California theme park has been silent for 412 days, with the exception of the Imagineers and the crew working on new attractions and revamping some of the classic themes.

But Friday, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park reopened at 8am local time, with the first guests cheering, clapping and waving as they entered the door. Anaheim State Park is now only open to Californians with limited capacity.

Kate Fail from Los Angeles couldn’t hold back her tears.She was so happy to be back at Disneyland.

“Spending time with friends and riding again” is what she looks forward to most when entering the first stop for Fail: Space Mountain.

Kevin Pryor, from Fountain Valley, California, and Brittany Roth from Santa Ana met at Disneyland before the plague and has since. They stopped at Town Square for another kiss and photograph the famous kiss between the sailor and the nurse at the end of World War II. The kiss symbolized the reopening of the park as a victory over COVID-19, similar to the victory at the end of World War II, Pryor told the USA TODAY Network.

This morning kicks off at 6:50 am with American and California flags raised by the Disneyland Color Guard at Town Square on Main Street.

A handful of Disney CEOs, Bob Chapek, were joined and welcomed by Disney CEO Bob Chapek.

“Wow. What a day,” Chapek said. “We’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

Excitement and energy can always be felt, he said, and then thank the cast members for everything they do.

“We are not just elsewhere. We are not just another amusement park. We are very special because of you, ”said Chapek.“ Now let’s make wonderful memories that last a lifetime. ”

At the last moment, before the service opens, the team is watering the plants and setting up the kiosks. The Disneyland train began circling the park around 7:15 am. Cast members lined the main streets of the United States, preparing to greet guests as they entered through the gates.

Safety is key, as evidenced by hand sanitizer stations every foot and a few lines on sidewalks, in shops, and waiting lines, reminding everyone to keep guests apart.

Added safety features include a plexiglass surrounding the kiosk cashier area. As there is no indoor dining, there are more outdoor tables and chairs through the parks where people can sit and eat. Be reminded that guests must remain still while eating, never snacking any more while walking around or waiting in line to ride.

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The path to the opening of Disneyland again

Disneyland was the company’s only theme park to be built by Walt Disney, though he began buying the land and making plans for what would become Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, before his death in the year. 1966

“Everyone is welcome to this place of happiness,” he said on July 17, 1955, where more than 28,000 people attended – almost double the number of people invited.

Until the coronavirus outbreak, Disneyland was shut down only three times before – on National Memorial Day in 1963 after President John Kennedy was assassinated in 1994 after the Northridge earthquake; And on September 11, 2001, after the 9/11 terror attacks, each shutdown lasted for just one day.

When Disney closes parks in California on March 14, 2020, executives expect it to reopen by the end of this month. But the coronavirus continues to spread. Disney scheduled another unofficial reopening date in mid-July 2020, which has to be delayed again, pending government approval.

However, downtown Disney stores and restaurants could reopen in July under California’s COVID-19 guidelines. A few months later, Disney opened a retail store within California Adventure and in March organized a “A Touch of Disney” food tasting event that sold tickets in the park, bringing back about 1,000 cast members.

Rides and attractions will remain closed.

In March, Gavin Newsom announced that all of California’s theme parks could reopen on April 1, and shortly after Chapek announced that Disney had started calling back employees who had received training on the new COVID safety standards.

So far, more than 15,000 performers have been brought back to both parks. At its peak, Disneyland Resort employs about 32,000 people and Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock said he hopes it will soon be able to call back more.

Disney California Adventure Park and Disneyland reopen with COVID changes.

Temperature monitoring: Guest The temperature must be projected without a contactless thermometer before entering the park. According to state health guidelines, anyone with a temperature of 100.4 F and above will not be allowed in and no one will be in their party.

Masks: The veil can only be removed when eating or drinking. But you have to stay still and away from others when doing so. Food and drinks are only allowed in designated dining areas, and line-ups or rides are not permitted. Masks must fully cover the mouth and nose. There is no neckband or chin-triangular scarf. Check the Disneyland website or app for acceptable face masking.

Cash payment: Guests are advised to use a debit, credit, or gift card for cash purchases.

For tickets and reservations for theme park opening hours, a list of the rides, attractions and restaurants that are open to Or download the Disneyland app

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