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Disney will keep Black Panther 2 for filming in Georgia.Ryan Coogler explains why – / movies

Black Panther II is still filmed in Georgia.

After the state of Georgia passed a new restrictive voting law, Atlanta-based companies such as Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines spoke against the law. In show business, Antoine Phu Quoc and Will Smith drew in the production of runaway slavery. Liberation From the state, but it doesn̵

7;t seem like Disney and Marvel Studios don’t follow suit.

Black Panther II Director Ryan Coogler Write a statement announcing that the Marvel Studios sequel will continue filming in Atlanta, following the work of the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the years. Although the Director was strongly opposed to the conflicting voting laws But he also explained why the production was not moving away from Georgia in opposition to the law.

Ryan Coogler wrote an op-ed that he shared with Shadow and Act, and he clarified his views on the recently passed voting laws in Georgia. All explicit and other efforts to downsize constituencies and reduce access to ballot papers, ”added that he was“ extremely disappointed ”in passing the re-election of the law. Black Panther II Production in Georgia? Coogler added:

“Now speaking with voting rights activists in the state, I have come to understand that many of the people employed by my movies, including local sellers and all the businesses we are involved with, are people. The same group that will bear the brunt of SB202 for that reason, I will not participate in the Georgia boycott. What I’m going to do is use my voice to highlight the impact of SB202, its infamous foundation on Jim Crowe, and do everything I can to support organizations fighting voter suppression. Here in the state “

Instead of leaving Georgia behind, he will support voters who will be disqualified by these new voting laws, and he will work actively to fight these changes and support the overthrow of the draft. Law passed by the government

Coogler’s decision appears to be in line with other filmmakers. Tyler PerryWhich has a production studio based in Atlanta. Perry, though, called the ballot law unconstitutional. But he also warned people about all the political progress taking place in the state, as seen in last year’s elections. It is possible that something better can be done by maintaining an in-state presence and creating another supportive space for applicants to uphold fair voting laws.

This was an honorable act of Coogler, because while moving the production of Black Panther II Of course to make a statement, it will hurt those who rely on production to pay the check. Large-scale production such as Black Panther II It will employ large numbers of Georgia residents and generate income for local businesses, and Coogler does not want to hurt people affected by the new voting law by hurting the economy there. But even so, it would be nice if The Walt Disney Company spoke about the issue and donated it to a group like Fair Fight Action, where Ryan Coogler would work to repeal these restrictive laws.

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