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Disneyland is back! Bob Iger takes a picture of the guests crying of happiness – the deadline is over.

It seems hard to brag that Disneyland and California Adventure reopen on Friday after 13 months, a tangible sign of a resurgence and a lively revival on the iconic site, though. 25% capacity for Californians only and with social aloof and masked

A line formed outside the gates just before 9:00 a.m. and park attendees were sharing social media, Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger was there, taking pictures of some fans. Others saw CEO Bob Chapek giving a speech to the team this morning before it opened. The actors lining the main street waved their hands to the guests. Stores reported that some residents in the park were crying and whooping in happiness.

Disneyland, other theme parks, face California’s confusing rules for out-of-state visitors.

“A truly happy day in the happiest place in the world,” Iger tweeted. He and Disney have been vigorously vigilanting for earlier releases and against the level restrictions set by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

“The reopening of Disneyland, which shut down in March last year due to the COVID-19 outbreak,” was a big day for Anaheim, “joyful city spokesman Mike Lister. Tweet

Amusement parks in California are a common source of state and local tax revenue and economic supporters. It’s also the key to Disney’s profitability. Parks are the most popular entertainment section of the global epidemic, in addition to cinemas and live events. The closure of the park cost both Walt Disney and Comcast parent NBUniversal several billion dollars.

Over the past year, California’s amusement parks have struggled with Governor Gavin Newsom’s strict closing rules for their properties. In fact, Newsom revealed that Iger has left the state agency to revive the economy due to his disagreement about the reopening.

More recently, there has been some confusion about whether fully vaccinated out-of-state visitors are allowed at parks. Of course, they represent a lot of income for abandoned parks in California.

State and local approaches have been confusing if not conflicting, and as San Diego’s Sea World has begun to allow visitors, it has become increasingly common. But most of the larger parks in California don’t yet. Disneyland immediately said it would not allow out-of-state visits until the rules became clear.

The state appeared to be open to such businesses yesterday when Newsom held a press conference to sign a $ 6.2 billion tax cut bill benefiting the hardest-hitting small businesses in the state.

“We want to see tourism But we’d love to see people getting vaccinated, ”the governor said Thursday.β€œ Just as with the park involved, when to reopen, I will be off at Universal tomorrow, like visiting with their employees. We want to ensure that Universal, Disneyland visitors arriving from outside the state are vaccinated. [so that] We keep everyone safe and we can cure this disease. “

The deadline was confirmed today with a California Department of Health spokesman that state guidelines allow fully vaccinated people from outside the state to participate in activities that are limited to visitors in the state only. Which includes an amusement park

Just four months ago, California was battling hard to control a new wave of coronavirus that has taken over hospitals and kills hundreds of people a day. The rapid launch of the vaccine and reduced cases across the United States has a lot of receptive or scheduled dates to be made.

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