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Disneyland opens COVID vaccination center

California’s Disneyland opened a giant coronavirus vaccination center on Wednesday, about 10 months after the outbreak, forcing the closure of a world-famous theme park.

The first few hundred patients fortunate enough to schedule an online appointment drove to the Anaheim Resort parking lot on Wednesday morning, where patients over 65 and healthcare workers were being vaccinated in the United States. White tent

“Today, for many people who are vaccinated, it’s truly the happiest place on Earth,” Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett said, referring to the famous speaker. Disney’s

A county near Los Angeles announced that Disneyland would host the first “super POD”

; (dispensary) vaccination late Monday and received 10,000 registrations within the first two hours. On tuesday

“Simple cake, nothing to give. It doesn’t feel like it gets in,” said 81-year-old lung cancer patient Gary Dohman after receiving his Moderna shot.

“I’ve been locked in my house for 10 months. Can’t go anywhere. I want to take a second photo and travel a little.”

California’s sluggish expansion of vaccines has been widely criticized, with the lowest per capita vaccination rates in the United States.

Government officials announced Wednesday that the earlier stringent eligibility criteria would be immediately widened to include anyone over the age of 65 – the move to Orange County, which is home to Disneyland, has started. already

“The state’s launch of the vaccine is a little disappointing,” Supervisor Donald Wagner said at a press conference.

Disney, Orange County’s largest employer, and other corporate partners “came together to get the cut,” he said.

Soon the website will handle more than 7,000 images per day, officials said.

Throughout the summer and fall, when COVID patients enter Southern California, Disney and other theme park operators face restrictions not allowing them to reopen, even under safety measures. Strict security, even when other businesses return to work

The entire region later resumed the ‘stay home’ order in early December and closed most of the businesses again.

California, initially praised for dealing with the outbreak, has become the epicenter of the virus in recent weeks. The state had a total of 30,000 deaths from COVID-19 on Tuesday, more than double the deaths since early December to 2.75 million.

Doug Chaffee, a fellow carer, expressed hope that vaccination drives. “It means that we can bring tourism back, I hope, especially in places like Disneyland,” as well as the reopening of schools and businesses.

Orange County aims to get vaccinated “All residents” by July 4 under “Operation Independence”, said supervisor Andrew Do.

So far 170,000 doses have been allocated with a population of more than 3 million.

Mitra Farad pushed the newly vaccinated mother into a wheelchair from the tent, said there was a “long line” and an hour delay.

“But for the number of people, the number of cars, they are doing really well, I’m really impressed,” she said.

“We’re ready to go get a big steak.”

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