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Disneyland organizes a number of highly demanding COVID-19 vaccination sites.

ANAHEIM, Calif. (KABC) – Disneyland officially became Orange County’s first vaccination super site.

There were people waiting in line to receive the COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday, but some counties trying to get the vaccine reported having trouble making appointments through the Othena registration app.

County leaders said their registration apps were overwhelmed. According to Orange County Healthcare Authority, about 10,000 people are registered overnight to make an appointment.

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Someone having trouble scheduling an appointment receives a message that they can no longer register. The county said it was working to fix the bug and additional registration channels would open as the county got more vaccines.

Residents can find more information about appointments on Othena̵

7;s website and can download the app at the App Store.

The county is asking those who didn’t make an appointment to not come to the Super POD site because it would overwhelm the system and make the distribution of vaccines more challenging. Health leaders warn that appointments are essential to keep things running smoothly.

Disneyland is the first of five Super POD sites in Orange County to vaccinate thousands of people every day.Other sites will be announced when their deal ends.

On Tuesday, county health officials opened up access to vaccines for residents 65 and older, and the state is now following in the county’s footsteps.

So far, Orange County has received more than 170,000 vaccines, according to OCHA Director Dr. Clayton Chau.In addition to the vaccines, Chau said it was important for the county to prove to Super PODS. States like the Disneyland website have been successful and people need vaccines.

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